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RAB on the Tonemeister

Bliar is the most venal, self serving, self delusional, two faced utter cunt, ever to smarm his way into 10 Downing Street.

Along with the wince inducing, mincing Machiavelli, Mandleson, the Ton Ton Macute, Alistair Campbell and the sociopath Gurnin Gordon, he has managed to wreck this country to buggery and beyond.

And his crystal skrying, candle sniffing, navel gazing malicious bitch of a wife, aided and abetted him at every turn, like Lady Macbeth.

But you know what? when history gets to be written, I bet my fuckin boots that our Tone will come out as a pretty straight kind of guy. Well straight if you want to use him to open a wine bottle, and it will be still be Maggie what gets the blame for everything!

Kitty Kounter RAB commenting over at Samizdata.

I only have one issue. Lady MacBeth was the instigator at least as much as the abettor. But, still, magic stuff from RAB!


  1. berenike says:

    I’m embarassed every time I realise quite how deep and virulent my irrational loathing for Smarmy is :/

  2. NickM says:

    You should not be. It is very far from irrational for a start.

  3. Richard B says:

    The Macbeth/Blair comparison is an interesting one. In my understanding, Macbeth is ambitious, but no more than anyone in his position might be. His fatal flaw is that he is morally uncertain. He lacks the solid moral backgroud (compass?) to resist temptation. It is Lady Macbeth who provided the idea and the impetus to murder Duncan, and then taunted him about his manhood when he had doubts. Without her, he might have been just an average shit, but her influence made him commit acts of evil. The evil came from her, but it needed a moral vacuum in him to allow it to translate into action. And, of course, it destroyed him.

    Mind you, Lady M never charged charities huge amounts for speaking engagements, at least as far as Shakespeare told us.

  4. NickM says:

    The last play I saw on the stage was the Scottish one (Manchester Exchange). The weird sisters were played by three chavettes which really worked.

    “The evil came from her, but it needed a moral vacuum in him to allow it to translate into action.”


    “Mind you, Lady M never charged charities huge amounts for speaking engagements, at least as far as Shakespeare told us.”

    Coughing fits are rarely fatal otherwise you’d be hearing from my sepulchral lawyer!

  5. EndivioR says:

    It’s strange how Everyone Needs Someone to Loathe.

    I was out of the UK throughout the Blair Witch Project, so apart from the intellectual knowledge that he is a piece of shit I don’t give him any further neurone space. Most of my animadversion these days is reserved for Rafael Correa and his loathsome retinue of simpering toadies. With a bit left over for Chavez and Zapatero, strictly in my spare time.

    I have sometimes tried to loathe Daniel Ortega, the child rapist, but as a life form he is just so low it’s impossible to feel anything but a vague sense of repulsion in the presence of an unwonted accumulation of slime.

    (Though he is useful at times. When the cannier LatAm leaders are falling over themselves to look the other way over Gaddafi and pretend they never heard of the guy, he and Castro obviously didn’t get a copy of the script, which is kind of amusing to watch in a sick sort of way.)

  6. berenike says:

    It’s strange how Everyone Needs Someone to Loathe.

    it’s true, innit? I do have a rational loathing of Phony Bliar, but my irrational loathing of him is quite a different thing.

  7. RAB says:

    Well thanks for the QOTD Nick. Yes I was fairly pleased with that effort. It helps to get me annoyed first mind. I started off replying to a paricularly fuckwitted comment by ‘Nuke’ Grey, and thought… well now I’m here, I may as well try getting the thread back on topic, and went for it.

    Richard B is entirely right. I meant it in exactly that way, but you can’t bung in footnotes and explanations to a good rant can you? It should stand alone, shouldn’t it?

    Yes Cherrie was the power behind the throne. She put the lead in his pencil (though like you Nick, she does the opposite to mine!) and the steel in his spine. We would never have heard of the bugger without her.

    Blair is a “Whatever…” kind of guy at heart. He wanted to be a rock star to start with and had no political convictions to speak of when at Uni, so his contemporaries say. But he has two talents. He is a good actor, and has the ability to think quickly on his feet. Two qualities ideal for the Barrister he thought he was going to be.

    But when he hooked up with the Wicked Witch, she saw his potential and nurtured it. Maybe there was a conversation early on, where she said… Look Tony, I’m much better at the lawyering than you (can anyone name any court case he was ever involved in, by the way?) I’ll do that and pay the bills for a while, and you can suck up to what’s left of the Labour Party now that Kinnock has failed so badly, and Smith is so bland he will never get elected PM. Oh and your mate Gordon is a complete nutter. Tell him anything, make him any promise, but keep him away from the leadership, then we’ll walk it. But after that I want paying back BIGTIME!

    And she got her wish, and that is why he is out there scarfing up as much money as he can to satisfy her unending desire to be filthy rich by any means possible.

    Her innate sense of insecurity and also now vast imperious entitlement, is on a vampire level, only a stake through the heart will cure.

    I almost feel sorry for Tone now and again, almost…

  8. Lynne says:

    Pure class RAB. I wish I had written that. :D

  9. Sunfish says:

    So he’s an immoral amoral little choad with charisma married to a power-mad shrew, who replaced a “conservative” who wasn’t worthy of the name.

    A perfect leader for his time. I wonder why we never had one like that here.

  10. RAB says:

    You are a shrewd and witty man Sunfish, and I, of course, know who you are referring to. I almost mentioned them above, but was called in for me tea.

    They are the template for the Blairs, and their name is Clinton!

    The Blairs stole their whole triangular style from the Clinton’s. He the amiable not so bright but personable, she the ice cool steel behind, making sure he said the right things at just the right time. The novel Primary Colours reveals all about the Clinton’s, and it is no fiction.

    Well look at them now. He off playing golf, burnishing his Foundation, scarfing down a Dairy Queen or two and probably bonking a Home Coming one or five as well, while she has what she always wanted, well if not the top job, the one next to it. She hasn’t finished yet of course. She knows Obi one term Only, is a lame duck and it’s hunting season. She will run for the big one when she sees the opportunity.

    Cherie meanwhile is a Scouser. She just wants the cash and the houses and the prestige. She tried the Hilary route and couldn’t get arrested let alone elected. She knows not to try it again. So she will live on what’s left of Hubbies reputation and earning power.

    The saddest thing for us all here in the UK, is we now have a PM in Cameron, who is following the same playbook as the the Clintons and the Blairs. But he is yet another “Conservative” who isn’t worthy of the name.

    And around and around it goes, like a game of musical chairs, except nobody ever removes a chair. The same bums are in seats in perpetuity.

  11. NickM says:

    You have thought this through. I mean really thought it through. You got the screenplay? Is Michael Sheen on board? Can I be executive producer?

  12. RAB says:

    Well I definately think we can get Charlie, he seems to be at a loose end at the moment. ;-)

  13. NickM says:

    I have a theory. He has a theory! Well, obviously Harry is the spawn of Hewitt but what about William? Diana was by all accounts pally with the Duke of Edinburgh (who also by all accounts couldn’t understand his son’s desire to shag that munting-piece Vanilla). I reckon Phil the Greek took Droit de seigneur on Di and is his kid. He always wanted to be king didn’t he? Now the fruit of his loins shall be.

    I ought to be King. I don’t have a fucking speech impediment for a start. And if any cunt thinks my Northern accent is a problem then we have the Tower for that. I wear a suit well (and unlike Chuckles I don’t look like I’m tossing myself off through the pocket – he is a truly epic cunt) and I have a very attractive wife who is 7/8s English (much more than those kraut fuckers) and has a truly Queenly name.

    King Nick. I’ve played Civ and all Hell would follow in my wake…When riled I’m that sort of cunt.

  14. RAB says:

    As the ghost of Rowan and Martin’s Laugh In, wanders past…

    Very Incesting!

    I think we have script number two there. Royal movies are all the rage right now arn’t they?

  15. Ian B says:

    I think Di just wanted at least one kid who didn’t look like fucking George III, that’s my guess. They seem to be sort of super-genes, the George III gene complex. Doesn’t matter how much admixture there is, George III dominates.

    So now William is marrying saucy Kate the strippergram, and you can guarantee their kids are going to look like George III again. Di seriously should have made a point of the first son being the cuckoo.

    Actually come to think of it, the weird thing is that the mad king genes skipped a generation. George VI didn’t look like George III. I wonder how that happened.

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