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I missed all reference to this

Damn, this does sound like a jolly way to spend some time.

The Devil lets us know that he is going for a walk on a date to remember, the 5th of November; strolling from Trafalger Square to Parliament Square, and back again.

What fun. That is a pleasant little walk I have made many a time, and I regret that as I now live in Oz I will not be in a position to join him, and whoever just happens to be walking the same path at that time.

I do hope that during this walk no one is so foolish as to demonstrate, well, oh, I don’t know; how to roll a cigarette maybe? Or how to tie a Windsor knot? After all, as we all know, a demonstration of any sort by a freeborn Englishmen, or Englishwoman, before the Houses of Parliament is now illegal. Well, illegal for all bar one.

Have a bracing day.


  1. Chris,
    I just finished blogrolling Old Holborn.
    Thanks for bringing this site to our attention.

    I’ll make a point of watching the BBC on November 5.

    Allen in Fort Worth

  2. NickM says:

    I’m gonna have a bloody big bonfire and am pondering who to burn in effigy.

    Gordon Brown, Maximum Leader
    Jacqui Smith, General Secretary of the NeuStasi
    Ed Balls, People’s Commissar for ReEducation

    Who do you reckon?

    I had considered “Captain” Darling but frankly who gives a shit about him either way. Apart from his weird hair-eyebrow thing he’s bugger-all in a suit.

    I was gonna (if he wins) burn Barack Obama but my wife overuled me on that. “You can’t burn an effigy of a black man. Are you going to wear a white sheet?”. This despite the fact that suburban Cheshire has never really been a hotbed of Klan lynchings.

  3. CountingCats says:

    Fuck him.

    Despite Democrat hysteria The One is not entitled to special treatment because of his colour, although how about burning Bush? He is the one who let the Dems in.

  4. RAB says:

    Burning Bushes?
    Who let God in here!
    My grandfather made me a guy for bonfire night when I was six.
    It was the best I’ve ever seen. We always had a bonfire and fireworks, well there was plenty of space in our garden. He had taken one of his old suits and some empty potato sacks, filled them with leaves and stuff, stuffed the suit with these, hell it even had a trilby hat and a pair of shoes too. Damn he did a good job my gramp!
    Incidentally, my friend The Gay Buddhist of San Fran, was born on Nov 5th.
    He was five before he realised that all the celebrations wern’t just for him!

  5. Alisa says:

    Nick: no petrol this time?

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