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This is the logo of the 2012 Olympics in London.

What does it look like to you?

Think about it…

If you answered:

(a) A colossal waste of £400.000 for something that could have been done by a primary school class with a packet of crayons and some cartridge paper during lunchtime then score 10 points.

(b) Lisa Simpson performing The Act of Horatio score then 5 points.

(c) The word “Zion” and therefore proof that the London Olympics is a vile plot aimed not just at hosing Britain’s remaining credit up the wall and down the drain for the benefit of the Rothschilds but that Boris Johnson is in thrall to the Elders of Zion and Dan Brown had better get typing already then go to Tehran, go directly to Tehran, do not pass Go and do not collect any points.

Iran has indicated it will attend the 2012 Olympics in London, despite complaining that the Games logo resembles the word “Zion”.

Last month the Iranians complained to the International Olympic Comittee and called for the graphic to be replaced.

They objected on the grounds that its resemblance to the word Zion – a Biblical term for Israel – was racist.

“Racist” – the A-bomb of all accusations. Well, I suppose Lisa Simpson is yellow… But, c’mon! It’s a very silly logo. I quite liked the bid one which was a ribbon of the Olympic colours in the shape of the Thames with “London 2012″ in a nice clear sans-serif font. A Zionist plot though! Bloody hell the mullahs are either deranged beyond human comprehension and wear tin-foil under their turbans or they were raising the stakes in a staggering bluff in the game of victimhood poker. Whichever it is they are demonstrating weakness. Only a cultural milieu that is profoundly insecure could be that silly. The Iranian government here displays itself as (to reference The Simpsons again) a sort of “Comic Book Store Guy” typing tripe in grimy Y-fronts. It’s like the worst idiocies of the blogosphere (that they try to ban). Hell, they might as well be birthers!

The simple truth of what this reveals is that just like “Comic Book Store Guy” sitting in his basement arguing via the web the relative merits of Kirk and Jean-Luc their culture is so trammelled and of such paucity that they have to resort to such idiocy. It is pathetic that so much of the Islamic World has to create enormously about such risible complaints to do with the (allegedly) insidious power of a small country of perhaps six million people or so… Pathetic but the only way to explain how, whenever it comes to Premier League fisticuffs, the Israelis always hand their enemies their asses on a plate. It is the same mentality that trumpets this “stealth fighter” when to anyone who knows anything about combat aircraft it’s just a warmed-over F-5. Yeah, the twin canted fins will reduce RCS from certain angles but the claim this is the equal of an F-18 Hornet is ridiculous.

It is the rhetoric and bombast of failure. Fundamentally it is a cultural failure because culture needs freedom and without that it is nothing other than to be laughed at. We take the Islamist threat from the likes of these loons too seriously. They cannot win for they have no culture. Culture is not coherence but quite the reverse and pathetic paranoia about alleged Zionists is not a substitute. The great “axis of evil” is fundamentally flawed here because when it comes down to it they are very, very silly. It is well beyond time we started deploying the one weapon they cannot stand: mockery.

One day (and perhaps these revolutions are a start) the peoples of the Middle East and North Africa will be proud of what they are and not what they were “denied” and then… Well, wouldn’t that be kick-ass great? A collection of nations that are about what they are about and not defined by a mythic and stultifying sense of what was “taken” from them by the usual suspects.

PS. Whilst shopping in Central Manchester on Thursday I spotted on the big screens that for the Eurovision Israel is again fielding trans-sexual “diva” Dana International (won in ’98) singing a song called (best Terry Thomas) “Ding Dong”. The Israelis seem to regard such international jamborees with appropriate good humour. The mullahs do not and that is their essential weakness. A weakness we should exploit mercilessly until the arrant hypocrisy and screaming idiocy of such regimes is seen in 100 metre high neon letters over Qom. To quote the Simpsons again, “Ayatollah, Assaholla”.

Tip of the feline enumerating hat to Snowolf. Read the whole thing. It’s ace!


  1. Andy says:

    “(b) Lisa Simpson performing The Act of Horatio score then 5 points.”

    Thanks Nick. Some things are best left unseen.

  2. RAB says:

    Since Samizdata ran with this when the logo came out, I have been unable to see the Logo as anything else but Liza Simpson and the blow job. I really is a piece of crap though isn’t it? Indicative as to how the Games are going to go as a whole, I feel.

    I’m so glad that Iran has managed to put such racist and sexist objections to one side though. Their team would be sorely missed wouldn’t it? Especially in the Woman’s Beach Volleyball, and the syncronised swimming.

  3. Laird says:

    I think the problem with the mullahs is that they are not wearing “tin-foil under their turbans”. Alien mind-control rays are the only rational explanation.

  4. Richard Allan says:

    “The simple truth of what this reveals is that just like “Comic Book Store Guy” sitting in his basement arguing via the web the relative merits of Kirk and Jean-Luc…”

    Sorry but I’m a sucker for a Simpsons quotation. The actual line comes from the nerds who Homer bunks with in college, not Comic Book Guy.

  5. NickM says:

    Guilty as charged Richard! But, you can imagine Comic Book Store Guy setting the forums alight with his opinions on the matter… Anyhoo, I doubt the mullahs would even consider touching “Sir Oinks-a-lot”.

  6. Mac the Knife says:

    “…(best Terry Thomas) “Ding Dong””

    I’m starting to worry in earnest about you Sonny. That’s Leslie Phillips, St. Terry de Thomas would ne’er decend to such arrant tossery… :)

  7. RAB says:

    He’s got you bang to rights again Nick!

    Definately Leslie Phillips. I used to use his accent in the States in the mid 70s, went down a treat with the mid west girls!.

    In mitigation though Mac, he is a bit distracted at the Mo… He’s off on his holidays to Istambul and such places tomorrow. Bit of last minute packing probably on his mind. ;-)

    The rest of us will be minding the store while he’s away. Gawd knows what the place will look like by the time he gets back, we’ll probably have a fire sale by thursday!

  8. alan says:

    Iran has no sense of humour. It would have been highly entertaining if they had boycotted the Olympic games because of the blatant pedo logo.

  9. EndivioR says:

    I took your opening question seriously and stared at the thing for at least a minute. The best I could come up with was “a bomb explosion”.

    However, there is some merit in the theory that the shapes are actually distorted letters. I went back to it again and managed to glimpse the word “LOSE”. Or possibly “LOSR”.

    Sometimes I feel like the guy in the Procol Harum song. “A slab of engraved marble…”

  10. NickM says:

    RAB, Mac,
    Mea-fuckin’-culpa! That was all before I was born’ed. And Cheggars plays Pop…

    The first rule of Kitty Kounting Klub (unfortunate initials but what the heck!) is that nothing here is meant seriously. Apart from Paul Marks, obviously ;-) The rest of us are just hurling random ASCII at the screen in the manner of baboons with some form of fruit pie.

  11. Nelsontouch says:

    The Lisa Simpson reference – I first heard it on Graham Norton’s show. Since then I can’t see the logo without thinking about – you know what.

    For the conspiracy theorists the evidence is mounting. The Games office has the slogan “passion” on the wall. A real giveaway, they say it shows how blatant the plot is now.

    Passion – first four letters suggest Passover – the last four are the old spelling for Zion.

    Proves it, doesn’t it?

  12. Edward Lud says:

    If the moolahs have any sense, they’ll promote this aspect or example of their fabricated grievances through proxy groups, fifth columnists and multi-culti fellow travellers.

    If they do that, if they’ve got any sense, this complaint’ll gain traction.

  13. Roue le Jour says:

    That would be Terry-Thomas, as if it were a hyphenated surname. Next week, the ‘G’ in Edward G Robinson.

    Surely the ‘London’ and the Olympic rings are transposed?

  14. Lynne says:

    For some reason the pink and yellow colour scheme reminds me of Mandelbum. Other than that the words fucking and disaster spring to mind.

  15. Sam Duncan says:

    “I really is a piece of crap though isn’t it?”

    Ah, but the designers are thinking ahead (“of the curve”, no doubt): they said when it was unveiled that we’ll grow to love it by 2012. Can’t say I’ve felt anything but contempt and ridicule so far, but there’s still nine months to go…

    “The rest of us are just hurling random ASCII at the screen in the manner of baboons with some form of fruit pie.”

    Thank fuck for that. I thought it was just me. (New nonsense from me soon, honest. If I can think of some. Been laid low with some kind of fatal disease lately. The doc says it’s – and I quote – “just a heavy cold” – but my money’s on consumption. That or pneumonia.)

  16. Paul Marks says:

    The logo looks like nothing to me.

    As for the games – they are money wasting hype.

  17. Laird says:

    Paul, you are SO lacking in imagination!

  18. Hello! Thanks for the heads up!

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