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MSN Principles

The simple fact of the matter is the LA Times, in withholding this tape, is knowingly and with intent lying in order to subvert the democratic process, in clear conflict with the principles which any ethical publication would hold.

The LA Times is hiding an incriminating video of Obama with radical Palestinian professor Rashid Khalidi.

More here, and here.


  1. Sarah, etc. says:

    I read that story last night and started feeling funny. All the charisma and the oratory and the hopechange and the wealth redistribution and now the anti! semitism! and is it just me, or are we dealing with some Hilter-level shit here?

  2. NickM says:

    My what funny friends Mr Obama has!

    I dunno Sarah. Somehow I can see the Mexican government erecting a fence on it’s side of the border to keep the Gringos out!

    Actually I suspect Obama will be a crushing disaster even by his own terms. I think he’ll be a one-temer.

    Tho’ his campaign morals suggest otherwise – i.e. that he’s a vicous street-fighter.

    I don’t know. He’s a completely unknown quantity.

    We shall find out soon enough. I suspect some of the less pleasant regimes around the world will try it on – I think Biden was right about that (stopped clocks and all that).

    On the Hitler front. It appears someone called Adolph Hitler, giving his profession as Fuhrer donanted $19.45 to the Obamanon campaign fund. He’s got no filters at all. I can’t recall where I read that but bin Laden himself has probably chipped in a few bucks.

  3. NickM says:

    Just saw a bit of Obamessiah speaking in Ohio.

    He used the phrase “One Nation, One People”.

    He ommitted “One Leader”

    For now.

  4. Alisa says:

    Has the LAT given any official explanation for their withholding the tape?

  5. Pa Annoyed says:


    Several. The latest, I understand, is that releasing it would put their source at risk.

    I guess they mean that Obama’s assassination squads will hunt him/her down, or something. Who exactly are they saying (s)he’d be at risk from? But they say they promised their informant they wouldn’t release it, and you know how ethical journalists are…

  6. Alisa says:

    Hmmm…Well, it’s just as well. They have confirmed that the tape exists, meaning that The One indeed attended the dinner, and they behave as if there are things there worth hiding.

    BTW, this is also good news, for similar reasons.

  7. Sunfish says:

    Well, if they name the source, then swarms of people will look up the guy’s contractor’s license or see if he’s registered as an apprentice and a police records clerk will get caught digging into sensitive official records about the guy.

    Oh, wait, that last part’s illegal so I’m sure it would never happen.

  8. Sunfish says:

    Yes. A records clerk for a PD in Ohio got caught looking Joe the Plumber up in a restricted system, Ohio’s NCIC access point I think. IIRC, a reporter put him up to it.

    Most of the stuff in there is public record anyway, and AFAIK all of it’s available to the person who it’s about, but using the system for anything other than official criminal-justice purposes is bad.

    The same thing happened here in Colorado in the 2006 election cycle, where an Immigration agent ended up using something in NCIC to try to embarass the Democratic candidate for governor. The agent was prosecuted and Ritter won anyway.

  9. Alisa says:

    Anything happened to the Ohio clerk and/or the reporter?

  10. Sunfish says:

    The clerk is virtually guaranteed to lose his job. If Ohio is like the states where I’ve lived, violating the guidelines issued by the state agency that controls NCIC access will easily cause the department to lose its access entirely. I don’t see any way for the department to keep this guy and continue to function.

    I heard that a criminal investigation had also been opened, but don’t have a source in front of me. Probably some wire-service article.

    As for the reporter…I have not heard. It’s unlikely that he’ll be prosecuted-prosecutors who go after journalists tend to get clobbered in the press, and they (or their bosses) are elected.

  11. Alisa says:

    The ugliest aspect of this whole Joe affair is that the guy was approached by Obama, not the other way around, if I understand correctly. If that is the case, he has every right to be very angry. So far he doesn’t seem to be. I hope that at least it has brought him some extra work.

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