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I have nothing to add. This is out of my league completely.

The Singularity will go mainstream.

One thing I do know, Allah will contribute nothing to this.


  1. Rob Fisher says:

    Great link. One worry about it being a topic of mainstream conversation is that there will be something for people to be *against*. People who go on about the precautionary principle and think nuclear fusion isn’t green enough. I hope those people don’t get in the way because I *want* to be living inside a computer a thousand years from now. It sure beats the alternative.

  2. CountingCats says:


    You are making assumptions about the nature of the post singularity world, and that is the point. You, by definition, cannot see past, through or into a singularity.

  3. Rob Fisher says:

    Good point. Perhaps it is that I don’t quite believe in the singularity as defined by Vernor Vinge. Or perhaps I am just hoping for it to turn out a certain way. I suppose if it all goes wrong and machines take over the Earth and all the people die then I’ll be wrong and the precautionary principle people will be right. I have reason to hope that it will be *good*, though, simply because people will want to build AI that is helpful.

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