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Britain Rocked as Millions Join Non-Protest

The streets of cities across Britain were packed today with millions of people not protesting against boy Chancellor Georgie Osborne’s cuts of £-80bn over four years. People crowded into the country’s urban centres going about their normal weekend business, failing to wave SWP-printed placards or chant angrily about the government’s imaginary austerity measures. This reporter witnessed first-hand the wave of inaction in Glasgow’s Sauchiehall Street. Archie McKay (76), from Partick, said,

“Aye, Ah’m jist popping intae Lauder’s pub tae meet mah pal Alec. His wife died last year and he doesnae get out much, so we meet in the toon oan a Setterday efternoon fur a wee dram. Ah tell’t him tae come along tae the bools wi’ me through the week, but he says it’s an auld man’s game. He’s 82. Anyway, nice speaking tae ye, son. Here, Ah hope it doesnae come oan tae rain. Ah’ve went an’ left mah brolly oan the bus.”

This lack of concern was shared by Kylie Lafferty (19… and the rest), another non-protester:


Indifferent words indeed.

Clearly, whatever the hell the Chancellor thinks he’s up to, the people of Britain don’t give a flying fuck.

(I was going to illustrate this post with a photo of the non-protesting masses, but I, er… forgot to take one, so it’s turned into a sort of fictionalised version of Dizzy’s wise words of this morning.)


  1. john in cheshire says:

    So true, even in these days. Mustn’t grumble, mind.

  2. JuliaM says:

    One Twitterer summed it up thus: “So 0.05% of people marching for no cuts is representative of the whole country, yet when 20% of them riot, the left-wingers rush to assure us that they aren’t representative?”

  3. Ian F4 says:

    Civil rights group Liberty said the march had been “infiltrated by violent elements” who attacked buildings before “melting into the demonstration once more”.

    I’m sure they wouldn’t say the same about the neo-nazi thugs who hijack EDL protests.

  4. RAB says:

    One thing cracked me up about this yesterday. One of the papers had a picture of the protesters and their banners, all the usual leftie photoshopped stuff, but one really caught my eye. It was bloody huge, and very elaborate, like the Miners unions ones of old. And who do you think was on it, seven times the size of God? Maggie Thatcher!

    21 years after she left office, and it’s still all her fuckin fault!! Just goes to prove the economic illiteracy of the Left doesn’t it?

  5. John says:

    Once government goes bankrupt and there’s no more payment for the non-working recipients and civil servants who do nothing of value but expect unlimited pay and benefits or for the fake-charities who leach off government grants, then the only real work remaining will be in the army fighting whatever world war is dreamt up to busy the idle angry masses and put everyone to work killing one another. This scenario has played itself out in history of the last century and is not something new.

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