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When every second counts

The police are only minutes away.



  1. JuliaM says:

    Is it me, or is he holding that thing wrong?

    Never mind, though, seemed to work!

  2. CountingCats says:

    I think he’s lucky he didn’t shoot himself or his mate.

  3. Lynne says:

    He’s lucky he doesn’t live here. The scumbags who tried to rob him would have sued. Successfully.

  4. Furor Teutonicus says:

    8, or there abouts, shots, and he never hit ONE of them!!

    Me ol’ Gunny would be ‘avin’ their guts for garters, so ‘e would!

  5. RAB says:

    Jesus! he needs to get down the range for some training toot suite, he’s a danger to himself. I could have bagged the buggers with a bloody catapult and some ball bearings!

    But like Julia said, seemed to do the trick.

  6. Eddie Willers says:

    A fine of example of guns being used by civilians to protect life and property – should’ve shot the buggers properly tho’

  7. Michael says:

    Talk about “Spray and Pray!” Who trained this clot? Take the extra milisecond to take aim and take the target down properly! You are aiming at the Bad Guys, you could have hit anybody!
    Definitely time to send him to be retrained.

  8. Schrodinger's Dog says:

    Okay, so we’ve had a few comments from members of the Special Forces (Armchair Division) about the store owner’s lack of gun technique. But how would you have fared in those circumstances? For my part, I wouldn’t like to speculate – and I hope I never get to find out. After all, he was first beaten by two armed thugs.

    As an aside, I agree it’s a pity his bullets didn’t find their intended targets; had they done so, the average intelligence of humanity would doubtless have gone up a notch, while society’s social problems would have correspondingly declined.

  9. JuliaM says:

    “Okay, so we’ve had a few comments from members of the Special Forces (Armchair Division) about the store owner’s lack of gun technique. But how would you have fared in those circumstances? “

    Who ever really knows?

    But I didn’t just get in a car and start pressing levers and switches at random. Wouldn’t have done that if it’d been legal.

    Didn’t do that with my computer, lawnmower, iPhone, food mixer, either. I RTFM. And took lessons, where necessary.

    Would it have killed shopkeeperman to do the same before he took possession of his gun?

    Well, yes. Actually, it might have, if his assailants had been better prepared…

  10. RAB says:

    Give it a rest SD, if you have read the Shooters thread below, you will know that some of us are a lot more “Hands on” than “Armchair”. I would have put holes in those robbers no problem at all, especially at that range.

    The poor bloody shopkeeper obviously got the gun for fear of getting robbed, but didn’t have the time to learn how to use it because he’s in the shop trying to make a living damn near 24/7.

    I’m all for people having weapons to defend themselves in all circumstances, but I also believe they have to be trained how to use them. This daft bugger was holding the gun above his head and banging away blithely. You cannot possibly hope to hit something, unless inadvertantly like that. I would take this guy’s gun away from him until he did a course of training, because it’s obvious he was acting under sheer panic. When you are trained in handling weapons you don’t panic, you hit your target.

    The fact the crims ran off was probably more to do with the noise and never expecting to be confronted with a weapon themselves.

  11. Laird says:

    You might all be correct, but after watching this clip a few time I get the sense that he wasn’t trying to hit them, just scare them away. Seems pretty sensible, actually; there’s an awful lot of paperwork if you actually hit someone, and some jurisdictions will prosecute you. That’s no fun even if you are ultimately acquitted.

  12. Sunfish says:

    If he was flinging warning shots, I award him no points.

    We have a saying, “Your bullet, your lawsuit.” Meaning, he’s responsible for everything that comes out of the muzzle. If it was a warning shot and it hits the threat, then was he in fear for his life (which would justify the use of deadly force in most US states) or was he not?

    If that stay round hits someone who isn’t a threat, things become even more complicated. Whether the shopkeeper is civilly or criminally liable in that case basis from state to state and fact-dependent, but I’d hate to defend that one.

    The same logic factors into why we don’t train to shoot people in the extremities. Center-of-visible-mass or head shots only. In the US, you’re shooting to stop a deadly threat, so evey round launched needs to contribute to stopping that threat.

    It’s an old book, but Mas Ayoob’s “In the Gravest Extreme” is one of the best presentations of this topic for the layman that I’ve ever seen.

  13. Tennessee Budd says:

    That man gives my state a bad name. Then again, he’s in Trashville, not out in the sticks with the rest of us.

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