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Something for the weekend

Well, it’s all go ain’t it?

Yesterday we had the cuts protest in London which with the Met’s usual brilliance was badly policed. This is what appeared to have happened. 250,000 turn up and they are generally peaceful. There is maybe 300-500 hoodlums and 4,500 coppers but the cops patrol the entire thing and don’t focus on the anarchists who quite frankly looked like anarchists. The balaclavas and stuff gave the game away rather. Moreover their planned outrages had been announced previously via the internet but the Met apparently didn’t bother to check otherwise they would have known Oxford Street’s Topshop and Fortnum & Mason’s were on the hit-list. This is not Sherlockian coppering. That is the sort of thing Sam Vimes could safely leave to Fred Colon.

Then we had Earth Hour yesterday which is… How can I put this? Profound wankery. It slipped past me until I saw people turning-off lights on BBC News this morning. It was perverse. Truly perverse because they had ceremonies in big cities such as Paris where some bloke (Mayor of Paris?) presses a big button and the Eiffel Tower lights go off. It perversely reminded me of a sort of counterclock-world version of firing-up the Christmas lights ceremonies. It is thoroughly demented. I mean raving mad and the symbolism is beautifully barking. For over a hundred years now what is the language of cartoonists to suggest a bright idea or cunning plan? It’s an incandescent light bulb going on over someone’s head. The reversal of this, if you think about it, is staggering.

And then today it was premises committee for the religious building I am warden of. “Green issues” came up here as well and what shocked me is the level of utter ignorance on display of basic scientific facts despite relentless belief. I was asked to buy “low carbon” washing up liquid such as Ecover. Right… To the mind of the asker Green = low carbon but Ecover have never claimed to be low carbon. They claim to be less polluting to the water supply and are anyway utter shite. You need about three times as much as you do with Fairy which does claim to be low carbon because it is much more concentrated so is less of a transport burden. It makes me wonder. It really does. It makes me think of W B Yeats and the best being full of doubt and the worst full of passionate intensity or whatever. Or indeed the old astrophysics joke about cosmologists – “Frequently in error, never in doubt”.

My wife also mentioned Ecover’s dirty little secret. Like The Body Shop they rely on others to test on animals…

I then almost lost the fucking will to live in a discussion of similar ignorance over burning garden waste. I have said many things here (and elsewhere) contra Greenism but until today I never really realised the level of ignorance of basic physics, chemistry and biology which is made-up for by the demented enthusiasm to “do something”. I’m a Northener and we have a saying up North (where it’s grim) – “When in doubt – do nowt”.

So that’s my weekend – almost. It is also census day and I appear to have lost the form which is quite a feat for it is huge. Shame really. I had a great answer to the religion question. I am a Primitive Hannibalistic Lecterist. This means that I could wash down a census-taker’s liver with a bottle of Blue Nun.

And yes, the religion question matters because it enables state-funded “faith schools” to Rick-roll their schtick. And if, as a libertarian, I have qualms about government funded education I can easily double that over government-funded faith schools. I have never attempted to foist my religious belief (or lack thereof) on others and I will be stuffed if my taxes will do the same whether I like it or not.