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Mexican Wank Off

DPM Clegg has delivered another one off the wrist after pre-empting a recently commissioned review into the safety of UK nuclear power stations following the Fukushima incident. So, like a bastard child of Mystic Meg and Angus McTango, he’s using the barely underway and unpublished review to rip the balls off the only coherent energy strategy being put forward, a strategy the government already agreed in principle.  Does he know something we don’t?  Like the outcome of the review as yet unwritten, for instance?  What is the brief of the safety review?  What questions are they asking?  Is this exercise merely an anorexically disguised Libtard deep green energy stitch-up?

According to Rosa Prince of the Telegraph,

The Liberal Democrat leader insisted that no extra government money would be found to meet additional costs and suggested that energy firms would struggle to raise investment from the private sector as a result of the Japanese near-meltdown.

I’m sorry, did he say government money?  It’s not government money, it’s our fucking money!  And what exactly are these “additonal” costs?  Is the cunt seriously suggesting that we should expect and prepare for Japanese style earthquakes and tsunamis?  Is he proposing exorbitantly expensive precautionary measures disguised as government sanctions that will render the construction or replacement of any nuclear power station unviable?

His remarks, made in a briefing to journalists on a visit to Mexico, throw into doubt the future of Britain’s energy supply.

Ya think?

The Government has given provisional approval to the building of at least 10 new nuclear reactors, costing around £50 billion each, at eight sites as part of the pledge to cut carbon emissions by 80 per cent in coming decades.

And ordinary people are being forced to foot the colossal bill for this fraudulent, anti-carbon wankfest.  So we scrap the nuclear option.  What’s left?  Wind turbines and PV cells that anyone capable of critical thought now knows are as much use as a marshmallow dildo.  Will we get a rebate on our energy bills if Cleggy successfully fubars the nuclear component of the de-carboning programme?  Will we fuck.

Experts have cast doubt on the capacity of the oil, gas and coal sectors to fill the energy gap if the 19 existing reactors are not replaced as they age over the next decade.

Who needs experts, rational energy policies and “carbon” belching power stations when you have a green fairy to sprinkle magic moondust around.

The Lib Dems had long opposed nuclear power but agreed in Coalition negotiations last year that existing power stations could be renewed as long as no public funds were involved.

Yes, let’s not invest in the technology that produces almost 20% of our generating capacity.  Instead let’s pour hundreds of billions into “sustainable” technology that doesn’t fucking work!

They demanded that energy firms no longer benefit from generous public subsidies and be self-funding.

Let market forces decide.  I’m all for that.  So how come the public subsidy guzzling corporations energy firms that operate the wind farms aren’t exposed to the market?  Surely, with all those R&D billions that have been pissed against the wall invested in turbine technology, they should be self-funding as well as productively functional otherwise what use are they?  So how about it, Cleggy, you cockwaffling, hypocritical streak of goat’s piss?

Now Mr Clegg believes the extra costs of protecting the new plants could prove unsustainable.

Protecting them from what? Asteroid impact?  The Easter Bunny?  It is government energy policy that’s unsustainable.  Clegg needs to understand that if the lights go out thanks to this insane fuckwittery we’ll happily create our own fiery brands to steer the tumbrils by.

“We have always said that there are two conditions for the future of nuclear power,” he said. “They [the next generation power stations] have to be safe, and we cannot let the taxpayer be ripped off, which is what they always have been in the past.”

Oh, that’s fucking precious.  He’s protecting us from being ripped off is he?  Does he think we’re as stupid as he looks?  What a swivel-eyed, double dyed, weapons grade cunt.

Mr Clegg said that, under the terms of the Coalition agreement, he had the right to veto the provision of any additional government funds. He insisted that no further public funds would be made available to fill the gap. “There will be no rowing back from the Coalition agreement on this.”

Thus speaks an unelected ecofascist who needs to consult a colorectal surgeon whenever he gets a toothache.

You can read the rest of the sorry story here.


  1. View from the Solent says:

    Tim Worstall points out the £50 billion lie.

  2. Furor Teutonicus says:

    XX the Japanese near-meltdown. XX

    Quite. NEAR-meltdown.

    Survived bloody WELL, in my opinion.

  3. Bill Sticker says:

    Oh dear. I’d be investing in extra warm clothing if I were still in the UK. What with the continuing trend of poor Summers you’ll need to.

  4. RAB says:

    Well let’s start with a bit of plain old Machiavellian politics here first, you know that old fashioned stuff where a politician of one persuasion vehemently disagreed with the politics of another, and would have nothing to do with them for love power or money., on point of honour.

    If iDave really was a Tory (and we all here know he isn’t. He is slightly left of left of centre) he would have looked to his parties and Countries interests, and let the Lib/Dem waffle hounds form an alliance with Batshit bonkers Gordon an his Robins.

    The majority would have been paper thin, the dire straits we are in the same, the cuts needed to be implemented equally onorous, and it would have been a Lab/Lib coalition what got the blame.

    The Libs and the Labs would have been crucified and out of office inside six months, and probably the next two decades at least.

    But no, iDave had to have power now! Utter fuckin wanking moron!

    The Lib/Dems have been making it up as they go along for 40 years, safe in the knowledge that any halfwitted piece of crap they came up with, they would never be in a position to implement or justify. They were just there for the beer. But now they emerge blinking into the light of the reality that they have some power, and still stick to the lunacies of the armchair politicians they used to be.

    The no subsidies for Nuclear (though we are reluctantly in favour of a bit more of it, now) is complete crap given that all the green shit doesn’t and won’t work, and is massively subsidised. The windy millers and the Solar panel mob are heading for retirement in Barbados, just ahead of the lights going out in Britain in less than five years. Sustainable just isn’t Sustainable you fuckwits without backup, you fuckwits!!!

    The Chinese are very smart people though, have been for… oh a fuckin long time! They play a long game. They will say they are trying to meet Targets to our pols (while never ever dreaming doing so on CO2 emmissions) and getting a pat on the head in International circles for it, while building up this technology to replace the coal and gas plants when needed.

    I have flagged that article before, but it’s worth doing again. The technology is pretty clean and very safe, even a tsunami won’t bother it, and it’s cheap. Why can’t our fuckwitted Politicians see it? The West invented it after all, but it’s China that will reap the benefit of far sightedness, not short term political gain.

    China, you see isn’t a Democracy. Its politicians don’t need the approval of an electorate, therefore they can deal with reality and not garnering votes from vieing pressure groups to keep them in jobs and power, despite the mounting facts against no nuclear knee jerkism.

    The sun, and the lights are going down in the West…

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