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Like all Anglophone countries with ethnic minorities these days, Australia has racial and ethnic classification laws. The newspaper columnist, Andrew Bolt, raised questions about whether people who have only fractional Aboriginal biological inheritance and are, apparently, indistinguishable from Europeans in appearance, should benefit from these laws, designed to make up for past and (presumably) current discrimination…..

Although he does not use these words, my paraphrase of them is – Are these laws being scammed?


So what happens? Yep, legal action.

To shut him up.

Apparently some European appearing Aboriginal benefiting from the system has had his feelings hurt.

This, as you can imagine, has the usual crowd crowing in joy. Standard reasons of course, after all, how dare a journalist express an opinion that goes against the current lefty orthodoxy? Bolt disapproves of race classification laws? “RACIST. HATE SPEECH. The man must be a NAZI, shut him up, quick.”

Anyway, I kept out of it pretty much – you tried reasoning with these people lately? – until I happened by Miss Eagles Network. Her attitude includes the standard caveats, “I am all for free speech within limits”, andfree speech has to be balanced with responsibility”. ie, she is not for free speech at all, but lacks the integrity or intellectual courage to admit it even to herself.

Anyway, there I left a comment, and got involved in a thread.

My final comment was mainly:

As to the other writings, what we see here are true believers in progressive liberalism, eager to impose political censorship, racial classification laws and inequality under the law, as well as demonstrating arrant racism, hatred of sex between racial groups and hate filled rants.

All in the name of tolerance………

Yet you imply that a free speaking and true believer in liberal democracy like Andrew Bolt has opinions comparable to NAZIsm? 


Just because he thinks your racial classification laws are being scammed?

Still waiting for a response.


  1. Lynne says:

    Einstein was almost correct. Socialist stupidity is infinite.

  2. Greg2213 says:

    There’s a similar scam in the US (probably man, actually) named Pigford. A lot of black farmers collecting money for some farming thing, even though they’ve never been near a farm.

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