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This explains a lot

Arab League to ask UN for imposing no-fly zone over Gaza


  1. Paul Marks says:

    As Glenn Beck has been warning for some time – Israel is being set up.

    Samatha Power is an Obama aide who was fired in 2008 for her attacks on Hillary Clinton – Hillary is ex follower of Saul Alinsky and has been a leftist who whole adult life, but was still such a “moderate” that she was a “monster” (a sell out etc) to a hard core leftist like Samatha Power.

    “So what Paul – S. Power was fired in 2008″.

    But she came back in 2009 – and is now the principle adviser on overseas matters to Comrade Barack himself.

    In her previous (George Soros organization funded) life S. Power managed to get her “responsiblity to protect” doctrine established as official policy by the United Nations.

    “Well that is being used against Libya” – it was designed to be used against ISRAEL.

    The elimination of Israel (as an barrier to peace in the Middle East and as a barrier to world “governance”) is an objective of the modern left (Hillary’s generation are out of date to the moderns). And Soros (although of Jewish “blood”) is happy to help fund the campaign.

    By the way – S. Power is the wife of totalitarianism-by-the-installment-plan Cas “Nudge” Susteen.

  2. john in cheshire says:

    I just hope the American people have the good sense to kick muslim obama out of the White House next year. Surely, the time has come to send the socialists packing once and for all. Socialists have a natural affinity for islam, as evidenced by the National Socialist Party in Germany in the last century. To my mind, France is also worryingly pro-muslim; otherwise why would they side with the muslims in Ivory Coast to oust the (admittedly not very good; but neither is the muslim who will take over from him) Christian president in favour of the muslim opponent. This will all end in more than just tears at bedtime.

  3. Lynne says:

    Did no one see fit to suggest imposing a ban on Hamas rockets being fired into Israel? I hope Israel tells the UN and the Arabs to go suck a camel’s dong.

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