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Are you ready…

… For the big day?

Not this nonsense…

Which is thoroughly “gay” but this…

…and this…

23/4/2011 – I shall be there with tacos and beer and the phone unplugged.

We will get to know what River Song is and who dies and if The Silence are as cool as The Weeping Angels.

Not long now. I so hope it is most excellent. It has to be…

A fez isn’t cool. I had many opportunities to buy one in Istanbul recently but didn’t*. I did though buy a hookah and that is cool. A Stella, my thoroughly Whovian wife, a toke, chilli and The Who… Now that is super cool. I can’t wait…

Turn it up! When that hits me anew there will be most definitely a fixed point. The only real destination TV in all spacetime.

*I have to source my smoking jacket first. Or at least dry-clean my velvet one (which has seen some very far from PG rated adventures I can tell you). Louche things just seem to happen to me with that…

It only cost a tenner too.

And I like louche. Louche is cool.


  1. RAB says:

    Well judging by those trailers… We arn’t in Cardiff anymore, are we Toto?

  2. Yes, I am very much looking forward to it, seeing as of how Matt Smith is even better than David Tennant who was hitherto the best Doctor ever.

  3. Laird says:

    I’m warming to Matt Smith, but I still think Christopher Eccleston was the best (modern) Doctor. David Tennant was too demonstrative, not “cool” enough.

    But Karen Gillan is far and away the best companion.

  4. Lynne says:

    I failed to make it through to the end of the last series on account of it being terminally irritating. If it fails to pick up I’ll be jumping ship again. Meanwhile, I’ll greet DW’s return with lukewarm enthusiasm.

  5. NickM says:

    Tennant is a game of two halves. Between him and RTD his Doctor became some sort of a histrionic avenging angel laden with more baggage than an A380. Matt Smith is cool though. The show really needed a reboot post DT and RTD. I thought the last series was hit and miss but I’m seriously hoping Moffatt has got it all together now. As to Amy… Oh yeah but I also liked Rose and Donna grew on me. Martha was a bit of a damp squib. I said that about Donna but Donna was very much the point at which X got license to be OTT from RTD. Why? Because as RTD himself confided the relationship was different with Donna as “big sister” and “moral centre” in a way Rose or Martha hadn’t been. I liked that dynamic but it also meant that DT & RTD could go mental with the Doctor.

    But then I have liked the avenging angel of say “Family of Blood”.

  6. Sam Duncan says:

    The last episode I watched was the one with Simon Pegg’s Master. That was so bloody awful – and typical of everything that was wrong with RTD’s New Who – that I haven’t bothered since. Mind you, I always liked Moffat’s episodes, and I keep hearing such good things about Smith and Gillan; I should probably give this new series a chance.

  7. NickM says:

    Do it Sam!

    It’s brilliant. Moffatt also wrote “Blink” which is the best TV ever.

    The BBC produces nothing else worth watching.

  8. Sam Duncan says:

    Was it Simon Pegg? I was walking through the town this afternoon when it struck me, and I said out loud(ish) – to the mystification of all around no doubt – “It wasn’t Simon Pegg, it was that other bloke!” I wasn’t even thinking about it at the time or anything. And now I’m not sure.

    Anyway, it was rubbish, “Blink” was the very episode I was thinking of when I praised Moffatt (if nothing else, it showed that it wasn’t, as I thought, the 45-minute format that was the problem; it was trying to cram so much into it), and I will.

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