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Royal Wedding Collectable

Issued to celebrate the forthcoming wedding of His Royal Highness Prince William of Wales to Catherine Elizabeth Middleton, this limited edition Commemorative Royal Wedding Ring is cast in a deep royal blue silicone and features a delightful raised motif reminiscent of crowns of regency past. Rejoice in a very special union of your own.

True craftsmanship is called for when a special moment is to be celebrated. Designed by professional artists, this expertly crafted regal love ring is a classic collectable to cherish.

Featuring a modern depiction of the Union Flag of the United Kingdom and an iconic image of the royal couple, this elegantly presented ring manages to be pleasurably patriotic as well as stylish.

Seize the opportunity to celebrate the much anticipated royal event of a generation with this exclusive and timeless piece of memorabilia.

This limited edition commemorative love ring can be yours, exclusively at Lovehoney.

PS. For some reason I can’t link directly but it is there if you scroll down a bit. Not safe for work.


  1. Laird says:

    I’m sorry, but you Brits can be a bit, well, weird at times. Who would think up such a thing? Or buy it?

  2. Lynne says:

    Royalty groupies are wankers. Who knew?

  3. Mac the Knife says:

    William should buy one for his father, one of the biggest cocks I know (and I speak as a constitutional royalist).

  4. RAB says:

    We are all Preverts and Eccentrics over here Laird, you’d be suprised. Probably Fergie and Camilla for their men friends for starters. ;-)

    I saw that coming a mile off Nick, even before I clicked the link, so in the voice of Harold Steptoe… You dirteh dirteh young man!!

    God that is such a con though isn’t it? The only thing Royal about it is the bloody box! Still full marks to the Marketing manager for the try on.

    Quick anecdote anyone?

    Once upon a time I worked briefly for an Advertising and Marketing company. I was a Creative, but the job title was Account Manager. We looked after the advertising side mainly, but we also had to oversee the Marketing Call Centre side.

    Well along with such prestigous clients as Chase Manhatten Bank, Center Parcs, Butlins and all of our Armed Forces, we had a client called Compton and Woodhouse.

    They, along with Franklin Mint, were the main purveyors of utter utter comemorative crap, like Princess Diana plates, dodgy figurines, ropey looking mugs etc.

    Now this is a very niche market. You are talking customers who won’t see 60 again, are lower middle class, of extreme sentimentality, probably no kids and a very little lapdog, oh and questionable eyesight too boot.

    So especially round xmas, our call centre used to get inundated with orders from these folk, for all sorts of this crap they had seen in the ad pages of the Sunday Express Magazine etc.

    But not only did Compton and Woodhouse (or Incompetent Woodlice, as we used to call them round the office) make very dodgy looking, vastly overpriced merchandise, they almost always failed to deliver it on time and to the right address too.

    So the couple of weeks before xmas we were always snowed in with calls complaining that they had ordered it (whatever it was) back in June and it had still not turned up, and they did so want to have it under the Tree on Christmas morning for the misses. We were getting 50/80 complaints a day. It got so bad that we Execs called a meeting with the CEO and demanded that she ditch the fuckers or we all walk out. Well they were tieing up 50% of the Call centre with complaints, and we were losing fuckin money here, and it wasn’t even our fault!

    She reluctantly agreed. She knew we wern’t fooling about, we had threatened a mass resignation when she thought she would impose a smoking ban on the Creative office, long before the Govt got round to it, and we meant it, we all smoked, well it’s a high pressure job innit?

    They were the only Company we ever ditched. Some other poor buggers have the pleasure of dealing with their fuckups now though, because they are still, for some inexplicable reason, in business. Never underestimate the sentimental old fool market I suppose!

    Oh it may look ok in the adverts, but when you get it up close, Ye Gods what crap!

  5. Sam Duncan says:

    Pity we don’t have lêse majesté laws any more. Not because I disapprove, but rather that I’d love to hear the arguments in court. “Worl, it’s commemorative, innit?”

  6. John Venlet says:

    And at only £6.99, even the commonest commoner can slip one on.

  7. NickM says:

    You ever seen the spoof ads in Viz for complete and utter crap hand crafted from Armitage Shanks Urinal grade porcelain”……

    My personal fave though was real and from one of those “innovations” style mags. A destop perpetual motion machine – require 4 AA batteries.

  8. Laird says:

    But RAB, the website clearly says “prestige collectibles and fine jewellery”. How could it be “utter crap”?

    And who wouldn’t want to own a miniature replica of Westminster Abbey for only £89.00? I may have to get two.

  9. dfwmtx says:

    No commemorative queening stool? No commemorative “sceptres”?

  10. NickM says:


    It is a work in progress. A double intruder to symbolise the union of England and Scotland. We just have to get the Angle right so it also truly pleasures the Celtic Fringe.

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