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Don’t Anniversaries come round quick these days?

Well it was a very fine evening indeed. We had a friend of ours, and his 15 year old son round to dinner (Venison, yum yum). Good music was played and because the lad is becoming a man, his father and I did our best to disabuse him of all the bullshit  the educational system is trying to pump into him.

He believes, for instance, that secondary smoke kills at a hundred yards, that pot sends you mental, Alcohol is the brew of Satan, and that  AGW is a solid fact. This is what they teach in schools today you see.

So how come your dad and I are still alive then? we asked, while firing up smokes and supping fine wine, whilst the sprog was hanging out of the window mock coughing. We told him to think for himself and trust no-one without double checking their facts, least of all the Gubberment! I believe he is getting the message. When he gets a girlfriend, then he will know what it is to be human beyond the theory!

Yes a most satisfactory evening. They left around 12.

Then, just like last week the Avon & Somerset Helicopter turned up. Funnily enough, we had planned to have a meal in a little Bistro in Stokes Croft, but I thought better to stay in, as things might not be as “back to normal” as one would hope. How right I was.

This fuckwit organised a “Peaceful” protest  against the Tesco Express, which he then cancelled when he thought (jee people like this THINK!) it might get out of hand. What with fine weather, the weekend coming up and the Royal Wedding  hysterical spectacular to kick against? No shit Sherlock!

Well this time I went to see for myself. It’s just a five minute walk down the hill, across Montpelier station, down to Picton street and up to, well the junction with Cheltenham road where that  hell of capitalism and slavery, the new Tesco store is (Boarded up at the moment).

I get to the top end of Picton street and Plod in Riot Gear have it sealed off. I have a chat with various members of the crowd, who seem more amused than threatened, most have cans in their hands. I take a few pics (sorry haven’t downloaded them yet) and a few bottles get thrown from a squat, no not the  Telepathic Heights, there are several others, it’s that kind of scummy neighbourhood.

So no way through there, so I backtrack through the lanes and alleys that I know like the back of my hand, and come up onto the Cheltenham road from Bath Buildings. Also blocked off  by police , in full regalia and riot shields, dogs etc. Now I have a way  with the police, having worked closely with them for 12 years, and have no trouble at all from them. The masked one I talked to at that junction told me that they had all been on standby for hours in their vans hidden away just in case, but nothing had happened. They were all looking forward to standing down, when something kicked off. He didn’t say what exactly.

“But I thought the peaceful protest had been called off Officer?”

“Yeah, so did we. I guess a lot of people didn’t get the message, or didn’t want to”

And that is basically the truth. The Police would have been happy to be home abed, but the Wolfie Smith’s of this world still want mayhem. As I treked through the backstreets, trying to come up on the front line from another angle, I came across various groups of black clad hooded folk filling their pockets with bricks and bottles and trying to find another angle of attack. Flash them a smile and a V sign and you’re safe, but you know these wankers are just up for the Crack, bugger the cause, Tesco is just an excuse.

And just in case anyone tries to mention Race in all this, it  just  doesn’t come into it. While I was on walkabout I spotted five black Police officers  and not one black “Protester”.

Let’s see what space this latest melee gets in the papers tomorrow. None whatsoever is my guess.


  1. wh00ps says:

    I think it was just on the bbc, briefly. Unless there was another Tesco protest.

  2. JuliaM says:

    It’s been blogged and Tweeted, but the newspapers don’t actually have any news in them today!

  3. Andrew Duffin says:

    Fifteen is a bit late to be teaching the boy to think and challenge everything he’s told; as the Jesuits famously knew, the brainwashing will be well established by then.

    I clearly remember having it drummed into me at Prep School – “use your mind on everything you’re ever told, challenge, think, experiment, demand justification and evidence.”

    A lesson well learned at any age though.

  4. Kevin B says:

    I find it thoroughly depressing that a fifteen year old believes all the garbage he’s been told at school. The current generations being propagandised through our wonderful education system were my great hope for some sanity, and now you tell me my hopes are dashed.

    I’ve been explaining to people that all the current moral panics, particularly CAGW, would be dismissed by the kids on the grounds that only old fogies believe crap like that, and that they would reject it in much the same way as my generation rejected Doris Day. Sadly, it seems my hopes are dashed. We chafed at restrictions but they’re demanding more.

    It looks like it’s going to take the power cuts, the food riots and all the rest of the horrors coming down the road before people start to wake up.

    Kids today huh.

  5. RAB says:

    Ta for the kind words on the thread above Nick. I felt I had to get that posted straight away out of innate journalistic instinct and duty to the Blog. I knew this would be a no news day. Consequently I didn’t get to bed till 6am, and as I like my 8 hours kip, I find I have missed every second of the Royal Wedding. Result!!


    My sources say that the Hooded Wolfie Smith’s moved on from Tesco and tried to trash the MacDonald’s in Broadmead and also break into the Cabot Circus, a state of the art glass and steel Mall smack in the heart of the city. So any pretence that this was a peaceful protest gone wrong because of Plod heavy handedness can be kicked straight into touch. The wankers were out for trouble, pure and simple.

    Andrew, the trouble with my friend’s son is a very previlent one today. The parents are divorced, my friend lives just outside Bristol in the splendid countryside, and the kid lives with his mum in inner London with her new partner, in a very trendy PC household and he gets sent to some progressive Hippie Private School. So my friend hasn’t the access he really would like.

    The lad is intelligent and articulate, he will see through the lies in the end. He likes coming round to our Gaff cos I make him laugh. I was explaining about secondary smoke by telling him that his dad and I grew up in a country where smoking was allowed everywhere, Pubs, Clubs, trains, buses, planes, cinemas everywhere. We were swathed in smoke from birth. I told him that my Gramp used to smoke a pipe so lethal that two blokes in Nuclear suits from Sellafield used to come round every night to put it out for him. So how come we’re not dead and indeed life expectancy is getting longer and longer?

    My wife reckons that I should have been a teacher (and there have been many in my family), because I put over facts or at least information in a witty humourous way. But of course I would get into trouble straight away wouldn’t I? My approach would definately be deemed “Unacceptable” by the current PC Teaching Establishment.

  6. RAB says:

    Further Update:

    Look at Ian Bone’s site. He was once a Class War Supremo. I have met the cunt a few times. He hasn’t changed one iota and he makes it perfectly clear, Tesco is NOT the issue…

  7. JuliaM says:

    “.. the Hooded Wolfie Smith’s moved on from Tesco and tried to trash the MacDonald’s in Broadmead and also break into the Cabot Circus, a state of the art glass and steel Mall smack in the heart of the city. So any pretence that this was a peaceful protest gone wrong because of Plod heavy handedness can be kicked straight into touch..”

    I await the words of wisdom from Kerry McCarthy MP. Can’t wait to see how she’ll spin this one… :)

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