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Lets see

Fact free Check
Appeal to authority Check
Assertion Check
Ad hominem attacks Check

They’re right, they have to be climate scientists.

I guess the obscenities are just added bonus.

H/T Andrew Bolt


  1. Lynne says:

    Gangsta climatologists? Or taxpayer leaching, anencephalic cunts prancing around in white coats and Ray Bans?

    They’re fucking scientists for sure. Fucking stupid.

  2. NickM says:

    Just a thought…

    I think under W funding for “climate science” went from $1/4bn pa to 8$8bn pa. That is over a period roughly the length of a first degree and grad school. You can’t build a scientific base on that timescale unless you are prepared to allow in numpties.

  3. RAB says:

    Well that’s ruined my day already, and it’s my birthday too.

    What a dreadful piece of crap, from dreadfully crap people.

    Bad things always come in threes don’t they? First the Eurovision Song Contest last night, now this steaming pile of ordure, what next I wonder? Barry releases Bin Laden’s Last tape where he’s karaoking to “I did it, My Way” ?

  4. Peter Crawford says:

    That was a toe-curler and no mistake. At first I thought it was a heavy-handed spoof of AGW sceptics then the slow realisation that these were genuine climate scientists. Oh dear….

    Do they truly think it makes them look good ?

  5. derfe says:

    Of course this lot are climate scientists , with their openly touted ridiculous statements.
    the suggestion that even if you are a sceptic/denier you cannot deny climate change/global warming is real and anthropengenic.
    not understanding the difference between theory and fact .
    claiming their field is both a theory and a fact.
    Claiming that only peer-reviewed work is legit . however If i was climate scientist with differing claims on the validity of AGW i would never get my work published under peer-review.

    nevermind their solution is to tax the very being of individuals . To stop us a as a virus or menace or whatever to their enviroment , they want to tax us , kill us and starve us out of existence . As i say to any suggestions by anyone who believes we have a overpopulated earth, well why don’t we start with the santimonious sods who want to kill other people for the population to be sustainable rather than overcrowded.

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