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Ezra and Sam

I guess Brian at Samizdata must have been watching this at about the same time I was.

Never heard of Sam Solomon, ex imam, before, but the strength of his conversion and the power of his witness for Christ could almost, almost but not quite, convert this confirmed atheist.

My complaint with this interview was Ezra. Now remember this, Ezra Levant is one of my great heroes, a doughty warrior in the cause of liberty, but here? I’m sorry, oftimes he preferred the sound of his own voice to Sam’s. Ezra has a habit of asking a question, rephrasing the question, and then rephrasing the rephrasing, all while preventing Sam from answering.

Still, this is stunning.

I have Christian friends I will be showing this to, especially one in particular, who runs a chapter of a Mission to the Muslims.

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  1. Matt says:

    Yep–we are doomed then.

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