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Alien Sex

Lots of ‘matters arising’ in the epsisode. My 13 year old (Catholic American) kid rolled her eyes at the ‘gay Anglican Marines’ – she’s so utterly fed up with all the Gay Rights crap her school and friends throw at her, but she really punched the air at Rory’s transformation at the start of Ep7. She’s a bit too young to have figured out quite what’s going on with he psyche, but she’d jump Arthur Darvill’s bones in a New York Second if she understood her libido.

- Commentator Bod.

Well episode 7 also had lesbians. Indeed a relationship between a human and a Silurian. I thought it was a neat nod to Captain Jack’s take on sex. It’s kinda hard in a great big Universe to consider the gender when you’re not that fussed as to the species. Regular readers will know I have a wife and she’s female and human but would they be that shocked if I was in a civil partnership with a bloke? Nowhere near as shocked as if I were in a committed long-term relationship with a goat*. I do find it bizarre that whilst SF has revelled in inter-species relationships since the year dot (Mr Spock is only half Vulcan) it still gets it’s pantyhose tangled over homosexuality. To a first approximation humanity is either male or female. I did say “first approximation”. But what of the aliens? SF only assumes gender is a universal thing because it’s easier. Because it’s what we’re used to. Our conception of it might be utterly meaningless to aliens. Aliens being, well alien. It is a long-term curiosity of mine as to first contact. It is always assumed that this would be majestic or lethal. But it is entirely possible that we would have absolutely nothing in common. It is entirely possible that we couldn’t even bring ourselves to hate each other. It is entirely possible it would be the biggest let-down since ever.

*And perhaps more to the point would they be relieved if I revealed it was a nanny and not a billy. I mean gay bestiality!

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  1. JuliaM says:

    “*And perhaps more to the point would they be relieved if I revealed it was a nanny and not a billy. I mean gay bestiality!”


    Two stuffy British majors are discussing the latest scandal: “Heard about Carruthers?”
    “No, what?”
    “Been drummed out of the army.”
    “God, what for?”
    “Caught in the act with a horse.”
    “Ghastly! Mare or stallion?”
    “Mare, of course – nothing queer about Carruthers!”

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