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  1. David Lilker says:

    Hey Cats,
    Stumbled upon your blog by accident, and enjoy it quite a bit, thus far. My wife and I live in Mendocino County, in California, and enjoy strolling about our neighborhood counting cats. Personal best, over 30 in about twenty minutes.
    Was wondering why so relatively little attention was paid to Austrailian politics? Laughing at Tony Abbot is not just a native trait, you know…

  2. rosemry says:

    You know what you really need? A 75yo overweight ceramacist grandmother with dyed red hair. From
    And I can fix that, but I don’t know how to ensure that I
    received your blog on a regular basis.
    There’s doesn’t seem to be the appropriate buttonness
    I think you’re acid and literate and iconoclastic.
    Who could ask for anything more?


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