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The Leona Helmsley theory of law enforcement

So, the law is for the little people then.

If you are out driving at 3 a.m., do you stop at a stop sign when there’s no one coming? Of course you do. You don’t need a cop to be there to make you stop. You do it voluntarily because this is America and America is a country where obeying the law is the right thing to do because the law was justly made and is justly applied. Or it used to be.

It is not just that the Hag of Arkansas is feloniously corrupt and blatant with it, or even that she took the Clinton State Department with her, but we are now pretty sure that this entire administration is a criminal conspiracy against the American people.

No title of nobility shall be granted by the United States: and no person holding any office of profit or trust under them, shall, without the consent of the Congress, accept of any present, emolument, office, or title, of any kind whatever, from any king, prince, or foreign state.

Rule of law – dead.

One law for all – dead.

Equality under the law – dead.

The United States is now an oligarchy, and you know what? You owe them nothing.

Not Respect, Not Loyalty, Not Obedience.

Your loyalty is to the Constitution, the principles on which it was founded, and those few who share those principles.

Should the Hag reach the White House her administration will, from day one, be the most corrupt in American history, but then, you know that already, don’t you?

Treat her accordingly. In rejecting the rule of law Obama and Hillary Clinton have set you free.

Green Disarray

Two things.

First, you Aussies oughtta be ashamed of yerselfs. Yes, I’m looking at you, Cats. And others of your unworshipful ilk. Just look at this headline from Eric Worall’s posting yesterday at WUWT, then go read the piece, and tell me how you guys can avoid hanging your heads in shame. The WO-O-ORRLLLD is coming to an end, and all you can think of is to put up some climate-denier babe to take over the Senate. The very idea!

Green Panic: “Deniers” may hold the Balance of Power in the Aussie Senate

Eric Worrall / 24 hours ago July 4, 2016

Pauline Hanson. By Dragons Abreast Australia – originally posted to Picasa as Pauline Hanson, Jenny Petterson, Michelle Hanton, Joanne Petterson, CC BY 3.0,

Greens are panicking in Australia in the wake of the recent cliffhanger Federal Election, as the likelihood grows that climate skeptic Pauline Hanson, who has repeatedly demanded a Royal Commission into Climate Change, will control the balance of power in the new Australian Senate.

“Australia Is Being Swamped By Climate Change Deniers”

With Pauline Hanson looking certain to return to parliament, there’s never been a worse time to be the Great Barrier Reef, writes Liz Conor.

“Fellow Austraiyans. If you are reading me now it means that I have become murderous.

“Murderously, apoplectically incensed.

“Pauline Hanson appears to have picked up a spot in our Senate at the time of writing, possibly even two or more. She will represent Queensland….” [snip]


But I have friends in the UK, not just in Oz, and I don’t want you Brits to feel left out, nor to think that your misdeeds will go unmarked and unchastised. For from Anthony W. his own self, we have this piece explaining that if some tiny bit of Gaia survives the predations of the Aussies against her, you folks will certainly make sure that the rest of our poor, dear planet goes out of existence instanter. Brexit! For shame. For SHAME!!!

Brexit: Green Industry Fears Break-Up Of Climate Consensus
Anthony Watts / 8 hours ago July 5, 2016

Britain & Germany May Delay Coal Phase-Out

The financial uncertainty triggered by the UK’s vote to leave the EU has sent shudders through virtually every industry, but Europe’s renewable energy sector faces even greater insecurity. The successful Leave campaign was led by several political figures opposed to tackling climate change by replacing fossil fuel power stations with wind farms and other sources of renewable energy. The campaign’s strategy committee included Lord [Nigel] Lawson, founder of the Global Warming Policy Foundation think-tank which says the science of climate change is “not yet settled”. –Pilita Clark, Financial Times, 4 July 2016

Britain’s decision to leave the European Union frees up the nation to set environmental rules independent of the other 27-nations in the bloc, raising the risk for renewable energy developers that restrictions will be loosened on coal power. –Jessica Shankleman, Bloomberg, 5 July 2016



The task is accomplished, so he returns to the farm.

Thank you Nigel, you are a good man.

This is pretty much the converse of BBC values.

Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day

The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is it’s natural manure.

- THOMAS JEFFERSON, letter to William Stephens Smith, November 13, 1787

Another choice


Golly gosh.

Now that’s a result.

Following the Australian Federal election yesterday we snuggled in front of the TV to watch the results trickle in. I had my hopes that the empty suit living in The Lodge in Canberra would get a bloody nose, but wasn’t confident that the narcissistic prick would even notice should it happen.

Well(Again)!! Weren’t we all wrong over that?

The government, and that egotistic failure, Turnbull were not just clobbered, but squashed flat and run over with a steamroller.

Since taking over the government nine months ago Malcolm Turnbull has managed to turn one one of the largest parliamentary majorities ever into, not just a a bare one seat majority, but into possibly a minority government, or even into a complete loss of government. The Prime Minister, apparently, having taken the job claiming that he was the man who would save the government from Tony Abbotts fumbling, has been ringing the five cross benchers touting for their support. Sheesh.

His failure to resign, at this point, is indicative of Turnbulls continued detachment from reality.

Andrew Bolt sums it up in a column here, and as follows:

Wunnerful, innit?

Britain will now go bust – official

Well de facto official anyway. You may have noticed Osborne (who seems to go down in my estimation daily) sneaking out a statement that he will not now balance the budget in 2020. Now in one sense this is like me confirming I won’t be fly-half on the next Lions tour, but the significance of it is gigantic.

He of course hid behind Brexit which is laughable. He doesn’t have the data to support that claim and wouldn’t have real world data for at least 12 months, government statisticians being what they are. But it’s a fig leaf; he was never going to get close thanks to the absurd electoral auction we now play. Tell the truth (I.e. funds to the NHS are obviously limited by realty) lose the election. The ongoing circus about leadership of the parties was also the proverbial “good day” to bury catastrophic, terminal news.

So the Tories said lots of things that people wanted to hear which weren’t true (in fairness so did everyone else). However, they were at least pretending to try to balance the budget. McDonnell and Corby actually welcomed this news (sic).

So we now have a structural deficit which one party can’t address and the other thinks is a good idea. So the interest payment on a debt which can only rise, must go up annually until it reaches the point where it can no longer be supported. And contrary to the absurd, anti-mathematical, anti-historical, anti-sanity opinions, deficits do matter.

So it is now clear the UK (and most other Western nations) will default. Just think about that for a moment, no politician can balance the books and none are trying any more. So the question becomes one of how, not if.

The two basic options are hard default or soft default. Hard default a la Greece is unlikely as we can still counterfeit our own money, or QE as its known. This is the crack cocaine of economics. One time it feels painless and it’s ‘free’ money, so you knew the politicians would be back to it.

But we all know what happens when you print your way to wealth as countless countries have found out. This is in our future.

We can expect more financial repression and I’ll bet on capital controls again in the later stages. I wouldn’t exclude Greek style cash withdrawal limits from banks and possibly negative interest rates. This is the ultimate failure. It is the road to ruin and some very nasty populism. And it now seems inevitable.

Game of Thrones in Westminster

I was talking to someone shortly before yesterday lunchtime who claimed to have been at a party over the weekend. He said he saw Boris have a breakdown, wailing “it wasn’t supposed to be like this” Bollocks, I thought to myself, name dropping twat. Then an hour or so later, BoJo withdrew. Rather made me think it perhaps there was some truth in it. That said, maybe Gove just knifed him. Extraordinary behaviour either way. I’m rather pissed however, because the late withdrawal means we won’t now get Priti Patel who had backed him.

Teresa looks too much like a school teacher to me, when ever I see her I wonder if I’ve done my maths homework. Gove looks too ugly and weird. Superficial I know, but important in the TV/internet age. He’s very intelligent, but could he win an election (against someone credible) I didn’t take Stephen Crabb at all seriously, but in a rubbish field, he could well do something. Teresa is still bookies fave, but who knows?

That however, is not very amusing compared to the hilarious goings-on in the Laurel and Hardy tribute party formerly known as Labour. Now it is true that the reason for the existence of Labour is now in question. A party formerly based in the industrial heartlands, when no such lands exist anymore has problems. The Tories have triangulated Labour out of any sane manifesto pledges (you cannot possibly claim you’ll spend more than Osborne and be taken seriously, as Labour discovered when Rachel Reeves was shredded by Brillo one day). So really what is Labour for? Why does anyone positively vote for Labour? They face destruction and they don’t know how to address this. Even if they killed Corbyn, all you would get is an Eagle or Lisa Nandy, none strike me as great thinkers. Blairism is hopelessly discredited so no answers from the “right” of the party.

So a logical response would be a root and branch policy review and y’know, thought before dogma. However Labour elect a 67 year old Marxist who has a Maoist as chief of staff, who won’t resign despite 80% of his own MPs opposing him (can he imagine he can go into an election now?)

So if someone eventually stands against him and Corby gets on the ballot, he wins again. In which case, Labour either give up on 2020 completely and most of the MP’s sulk, hope they are not deselected and wait for 2025? Useless for the senior figures as by then they are too old.

Or they could do a modern SDP breakaway. Each option is horrible, you can’t have as a plan “do nothing for 9 years” Similarly, they will all remember the SDP’s fate.

If they didn’t let Corby onto the ballot paper, he would surely sue. In any event, the grassroots would go ballistic and deselect the centrist MP’s anyway. Both factions* would in truth like the Labour brand and each would like to boot out the other. And again, if they do let him on the ballot paper, he wins again.

So that leaves no opposition to speak of for the Conservatives, so needless to say, they will engage in a civil war of their own; with no credible predators on the horizon, one takes the opportunity to destroy one’s enemies in the party (and Brexit will make the 19th century Irish question look tame by comparison), this will be the real show in the next four years.

Unless, unless, unless there is an economic catastrophe (by no means impossible) in which case, a few idiots pop up on TV and say it’s all down to ‘capitalism’ and the herd votes Labour again. In which case PM Jezza if he hangs on. This would quickly usher in the final stages of the collapse as we became Northern Venezuela. Politics has become quite interesting again.

Election Rigging Not A Crime In Austria?

The Austrian Supreme Court has ruled that the Presidential election must be run again – due to “irregularities”.

It was indeed a very odd election – with most people who went to the polling stations voting for the Freedom Party candidate, but some 80% (80%) of the Postal Votes going to the Green Party candidate. Hat tip to Counting Cats for pointing that out at the the time.

Obviously the election was rigged – and must be run again.

However, why has no one been arrested – is election rigging not a crime in Austria?

By the way – for those seeking something on July 1st 1916, please see (if you can) my Facebook posting and comments today.

Turnbull has delusions of adequacy

Delcon, a contraction of delusional conservative: A neologism recently coined and inserted into the Australian narrative by the a local commentator, the usually somewhat divine Ms Miranda Devine.

Now, Miranda is one of the good guys; solidly non socialist and can usually be found on the right side of history, but the political assassination of Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott split his Liberal party, and continues to split the support base, into two antagonistic factions, and this split has become increasingly poisonous as time demonstrates Malcolm Turnbull to be naught bar an empty suit.

A delcon is a liberal/conservative (liberal in the classical sense, not in the American sense) who is not a fan of the new Prime Minister, and who would like to see him gone. This word was aimed as an insult, but has been picked up, adopted, and proudly worn by those it was aimed at.


Quote of the Day, July 1, 2016: Hair

It would take a very special person to accept the VP position under Donald Trump.

First of all, the person has to be able to stomach Donald Trump. ….


[The whole thing is a short, serious, and deliciously snide piece, on the Veep possibilities. (There's also a bit of snark from YrsTrly.)]

So, can we dump HS2 now?

HS2 High Speed Rail

The existing plan really is a dog’s dinner that’s built with considerably more expense than it needs - Professor Rod Smith

HS2 will be afflicted by the same delays and inefficiencies as the rest of the rail network unless its design is radically altered, a top railways expert has warned.

Professor Rod Smith, the former Chief Scientific Adviser to the Department of Transport, said linking the new high speed lines to the existing network would be a “disaster” that would “ruin reliability and punctuality”.

He said H2S could be delivered for just over half the predicted price of around £55 billion if it was built and operated as a fully separate network, as is the case with high speed rail in Japan.

The Imperial College academic, who supports the project in principle, pointed out that some of the train operators on the parts of the existing rail network that HS2 trains would use have extremely poor punctuality records.

High speed rail service HS2 will suffer the railways’ usual delays, expert warns

Quite simply, HS2 is one of those economic boon-dangles that we were in the process of building without any genuine clarity simply to appear to be “good Europeans“, certainly the overall business case for it was weak and gets weaker all the time and there is simply little support for it except from those expecting a piece of the action.

With a new PM and cabinet in the pipeline who have no political eggs in the HS2 basket, an incoming administration is exactly the time to place the entire HS2 plan in turnaround and unless it can be made credible, beneficial and workable it should be terminated.

There are far better ways of improving the capacity and reliability of our rail network than building new lines. Indeed sinking existing railway lines to accommodate European double-decker trains on suburban and inter-rail routes would do far more to ease pressures faced by commuters.


Well, I hope y’all proud of yourselves.

Brexit is a rolling disaster produced by sheer recklessness… With no conceivable good end regardless of the antics of Farage who is acting like a Poundland George Washington. Or any of the rest of them.

And I can’t stand the reveling in misery I have seen here or on Samizdata (though some exceptions there – which are routinely shouted down). The nastiness is palpable and I want no more part of it. I could explain further but why bother? I have tried here and elsewhere and am either ignored or called stupid or histrionic or some such.

So that is it.

I hope I have entertained here at times but that is it. I’m through.

I’ll be back but not here.

Have fun. And thanks – we had some good times…

Life after BRExit

My friend Alistair works in a hardware store here in Scotland and posted me this gem this evening…

By late afternoon we the workers had forgotten politics and were back just doing the job. A customer produced a mercury thermometer. I looked at it and said “The EU are trying to ban these!”

Then I caught the look in his eye, pure undiluted glee. “Not any more they’re not!” and we both fell about ourselves laughing.

We shouldn’t gloat, because it is not in our character to do so and regardless of the headlines, the closeness of the result only illustrates the deep divisions across the UK.

…but you’d have to have a heart of stone not to laugh and that is the best way of healing those divisions.

Cartoon of the Millennium.

Matt cartoon

And now a little light music… while Remain fiddles the vote.

The Who at their finest, even with the evident use of Uncle Sigmund’s Peruvian Marching Powder.

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