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Political Tribalism

Path through a dark wood

“Many people, especially ignorant people, want to punish you for speaking the truth, for being correct, for being you. Never apologize for being correct, or for being years ahead of your time. If you’re right and you know it, speak your mind. Speak your mind. Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is still the truth.”

― Mahatma Gandhi

The road to religious enlightenment, whether travelled by the biblical Saul of Tarsus or Siddhartha Gautama is often described as the blinding light of revelation, but by comparison, the path of objective truth is more akin to a lonesome rider carrying a lamp through a dark forest.

Any victories that we have are fleeting and our opponents are the deceitful, supported by the ignorant, so why do we continue? Surely those who fight an unwinnable war which never ends are fools?


Seminal Crimes.

From South Africa we have this.

I must admit the Daily Fail’s reportage seems dodgy. They drove 500km to milk the poor man?!

So, I googled and this is not a unique incident. Indeed not even unique to the RSA. It happens in the USA as well.

I have nothing to say about the general erection today but suffice to say the only person I voted for (and we had General, County and Parish erections) was an Indy who runs my local bar and a very nice bar it is so I thought why not? Local business owner doing well by doing good. What’s not to like? And until Frankie took the place over from the previous dodgy scoundrels in charge it has gone from being a den of iniquity* to a nice gaff with good food and good service.

*The last landlord didn’t sell any beer but drove a Porsche 911 GT4. Somebody had kicked the door off the shit-house with terrific effect. And I use the term “shit-house” because I can’t honestly call it toilets. Something untoward was afoot. I dunno if they were in the illegal semen trade but whatever they were up to was iffy.

Time for “None of the Above”

None of the AboveGiven today’s general election in the UK, now seems as good a time as any to jump on a particular hobby horse of mine which is increasing democratic representation and allowing the disaffected amongst the electorate to show their contempt for politicians in a meaningful way, something they will resist to their dying breath.

The whole point of the “None of the Above” option is to provide an alternative to those who feel disconnected from the political parties and their local representatives.

In the event of the election being won for “None of the Above” the usual approach (in the few countries that allow it), is to either elect the highest place candidate (essentially ignoring the overwhelming vote), rerun the election with the same candidates or rerun the election with different candidates. Very few elections take full account of the electorate in the event of a “None of the Above” result in any meaningful sense.

I personally think the best way that the result of “None of the Above” winning an election is for the seat to remain empty until the next election. This would have the effect of allowing the rejected candidates to feel the fullest measure of voter contempt.

However, the politicians would never allow it – the bastards.

Hat tip to Rob Fisher over at Samizdata

I get a better class of spam these days

Bloody Hell! that is from 215+VAT per person. I must have joined the plutocrats without knowing. You get parking but somehow the idea of depositing a 51 plate Vauxhall Corsa is…

An ex of mine was a cox for the University team. She managed to sink a 20,000 quid boat and that was in ’94. She had forgotten her specs and the Nottingham University boat she was coxing plowed through the Nottingham Trent University boat utterly wrecking it. The two colls have a boat race. E was not miss popularity after that. Nobody was hurt seriously but she quit the coxing by mutual consent very shortly after.

Quote of the Day

Between the state, which is hugely generous with impossible promises, and the general public, which has conceived unattainable hopes, have come two classes of men, those with ambition and those with utopian dreams. Their role is clearly laid out by the situation. It is enough for these courtiers of popularity to shout into the people’s ears: “The authorities are misleading you; if we were in their place, we would shower you with benefits and relieve you of taxes.”

And the people believe this, and the people hope…

Frédéric Bastiat, The State, 1848.


The would-be terrorists in Garland fell for one of the classic blunders: Never assume that you’ve outgunned an art show in Texas.

Quote of the Day

I don’t think parents reading their children bedtime stories should constantly have in their minds the way that they are unfairly disadvantaging other people’s children, but I think they should have that thought occasionally.

Comment by Art Sartrus:

I’m so pleased to discover that tax dollars are once again going towards people that hate me and my way of life, and there’s no legal resource except to bend over and take it. All for my own good.

Play With Fire…

I do. I did tonight. I have a weakness for flame. I have done questionable things. Now, as a physics student my special subject was compressible flow and astrophysical fluid dynamics and specifically explosions. Very big explosions – a Type Ia Supernova goes off with the energy of 1058 Hiroshimas.

So I decided to have haddock for supper, cooked in oil and butter with a dash of white wine – I have a weakness for the classics.

Now never do this. Never add an aqueous fluid to a heated fatty fluid. It hit the fucking ceiling. I have longish hair. I still have it because I sprung back with alacrity. It is called a BLEVE – a boiling liquid expanding vapour explosion. What happens is this. The oil/butter is at a lot more than 373K so the wine boils in it pretty much immediately so it becomes a vapour and the oil/butter that is dispersed goes bang. The alcohol in the wine is not the big deal.

I really ought to know better. But then I’ll sleep when I die.

I have done very questionable things.

I can set fire to the rain.

I once torched a buggered fridge in Manchester. I burnt a hedge in Gateshead as a kid. I once chucked a gas cylinder on a fire (now that was a BLEVE). It went off like a fucking Saturn 5. I have tossed petrol on fires (don’t try this at home kids!) and I almost lost my nose. I have burnt a chair in Leeds. The cunting landlord (later featured on the BBC’s Watchdog) Rory Aitkins took it off my deposit even though he specifically asked me to get rid of the fucker and it it moved for it had things and I mean things in it. So I torched it in the back yard.

Do I regret this?

Whaddaya think? I have been reckless. I have generally got away with it. But then science is messing with things you don’t understand. Playing with things you do understand isn’t even for the kindergarten. I never wanted a “safe space” at university and Nottingham gave me scope to really play. I loved it. “Well it might go critical”, “So sue me”. I was wired on my own skill and not likely (so I thought) to do a Slotin. I wore the uniform of a physics student – jeans, T-shirt and trainers. Hell’s teeth! Lab coats are for biology and chemistry. The gay sciences.

Lab coats are for people who don’t leap when it all goes pear-shaped. Although sometimes you do need the Nikes. But recall (as you leap through a hedge (as I have done) Athena-Nike is the Goddess of Victory).

Unless you do dubious things you don’t do anything.

In a sense I’m inspired here by the libertarian blogger Allen from Fort Worth, TX who has terminal cancer. His final blog post (I guess he wants to spend what time is left to him with his family and friends) which is roughly a year. Well the final thought he shared with us was to be fierce. I am a coward but I try. That is all we can do. We are not all Albert Ball.

I know I am not.

Actually I am when the dander is up.

Or there is a fridge to torch.

Back of the net!

The Mail has a non-story about the Duke of Wellington. Apparently the BBC has a thing coming soon about the Iron Duke’s shagging. Obviously not about his strategy and tactics because this is the BBC. So are they trying to gut a national hero? We all knew he had he liked the ladies but who doesn’t?

The Mail commentariat seem obsessed with Blucher. Like I haven’t heard of the Prussian! Like anyone hasn’t? And a lot of snark at Wellington being a git.

Now, what I do know is a quote from the Iron Duke,

My heart is broken by the terrible loss I have sustained in my old friends and companions and my poor soldiers. Believe me, nothing except a battle lost can be half so melancholy as a battle won.

Letter from the field of Waterloo (June 1815), as quoted in Decisive Battles of the World (1899) by Edward Shepherd Creasy

So, I doubt he was hated by his men.

Wellington outdid himself. Not only did he defeat Boney he then went to Paris and shagged his mistress.

I like the cut of his jib. That is like Ike knocking-up Eva Braun (and Zukhov giving Blondie a good seeing-to). When you defeat someone stick ‘em on St Elba and then shag their bird. No come-back from that is there? I think the phrase is “Utterly Pwned”.

I kinda thought they should have called the channel tunnel the “Napoleon Line” (it was sort of his idea) for it would terminate at Waterloo.

But that is for The Iron Duke – he shoots, he scores. top quality handing it to the Froggies in Spades.

We need to do much the same to ISIS and Pooty. We gotta get medieval on their asses. And I mean proper medieval. I saw the video of them burning alive the Jordanian pilot in a cage. I’m not linking but you can find it if you wish. It is the most horrific thing I ever saw and if I live to 100 I doubt it will be bested. After seeing that – no mercy. None. It is bayonet work on the wounded. Sorry, but it is.

Only 6 More Days to Go… Thank God!

Matt cartoon, May 2

Stand By Me…

Ben E King died yesterday.

He wrote and sung probably the best love song ever.

I know this because it was played at my marriage. I chose it.

I stood next to Elizabeth quite a few years ago but Ben E King was my wingman.

I don’t seem able to embed it but do listen.

A day to remember the evil of Marxism and the evil of others also.

Today, “May Day”, is a day to remember evil. The evil of Marxist socialism – and the murder of more than one hundred million people by the Marxists over the last hundred years.

To read such works as “The Black Book of Communism”, or the works of such historians as Robert Conquest or Frank Dikotter is to be reminded of the evil of Marxism. And such individual Marxists as Lenin, Stalin and Mao – along with the legion (legion of Devils) of others.

But today is also a day to remember those who failed the moral test of resisting the Marxists – indeed actively parroted their propaganda.

Sadly some “libertarians” were among such people. The late Murray Rothbard, and his followers, must not be forgotten on this day.

Just over 40 years ago (April 30th 1975) the late Murray Rothbard celebrated, actually celebrated, the conquest of the Republic of Vietnam by the Marxists – because (supposedly) for six hours there was no government. In short Rothbard celebrated what was to happen to the Boat People of Vietnam, and to the Cambodians in “Year Zero” (Pol Pot’s Marxist victory over the “puppets of American Imperialism”), and the mass slaughter in Laos. In fact Rothbard had parroted enemy propaganda over the Vietnam war for years.

Nor is this an isolated case. The Rothbardians opposed the whole Cold War – the Berlin Airlift, the Korean War, all of it.

They parroted the lies of the enemies of the West (about American “Imperialism” and so on), and would have let the Marxists conquer the world – in the vain hope that non resistance in the wider world would have meant that the United States was left alone.

As Winston Churchill put it “an appeaser is someone who feeds everyone else to the beast – hoping it will eat him last”.

Without the CONTAINMENT of Marxism the slow forces of economic law (of the fact that socialism just does not work – at least not in the long term) would not have had time to undermine the Soviet Union and so on – but the Rothbardians opposed containment, they would have allowed the forces of Marxism to conquer Europe and the world, without American “intervention” to oppose them (including no CIA operations in the France and Italy after World War II).

Nor is the attitude of the Rothbardians confined to the Marxist socialists.

The Rothbardians openly oppose the support the United States gave to this country, the United Kingdom, during World War II – they would have allowed the National Socialists (Hitler and his Nazis) to conquer this land. The hatred of the late Murray Rothbard for the United Kingdom bordered upon the insane – hence his support for the IRA and so on.

To someone like the Rothbardian Ralph Rico (spelling alert – I am too annoyed to bother checking the spelling) Winston Churchill was not a hero – he was a “man of blood” whom the United States should not have supported against the National Socialists (the real “men of blood” – blud and boden).

To Murray Rothbard such “historians” (really dishonest propagandists) such as Gabriel Kolko and Harry Elmer Barnes were hero figures.

And, no, Rothbard did not confine his support of such beasts to their lies concerning the Cold War or their disguised Marxist account of the American government – which claims that the American government has in the 20th century has always been controlled by “the rich capitalists” or “the big business corporations” (with early 1900s Progressives “really” being the puppets of big business and so on).

Rothbard even supported Harry Elmer Barnes (see his obituary of this vile man) – the holocaust denier. Who first made his name denying German responsibility for the First World War (ignoring such facts as that the German Declaration of War upon France in 1914 was a tissue of lies – and that the German war aim was to dominate Europe and the world), but then went on to deny that the National Socialist (Nazi) government had any policy to exterminate the Jews.

To do as the late Murray Rothbard did, to get into bed with both the apologists for the Nazis and the apologists for the Marxists, is evil – and this evil must also be remembered on this day.


I saw something on the TV about eating insects with Giles Coren.

Gods help me! I shall be cold under the ground before I eat buggetarian. I shall be eaten by bugs before I eat them. Apparently they do it in lots of countries apart from the developed world. The clue there is in the use of the word “developed”. I don’t eat any invertebrate because I am English and Civilised. I can tie a tie for example. Rarely need to but I still can. Eating creepy crawlies is for the birds – literally.

Apparently this shall come to us all as population pressure rears it’s ugly head because people is evil, right? Take of that what you wish. The best estimates tend towards a global population peaking mid-century at around 10 billion. Utterly sustainable by any means without eating babies or bugs. I live in England and approximately 12% of these “Green and Pleasant Lands” is built upon and when I say “built upon” I mean everything: roads, rail, houses, factories, shops – the whole nine yards. We are a dense nation (especially dense if we believe in the people-apocalypse) but there is much more space elsewise including, well, space. But 10 billion down here is OK and anybody who says other is a twat.

This is related to immigration. Would I care if the UK went to 70m inside ten years? Why not! It is the fixed wealth fallacy. Only so many jobs and all that. Every Polish builder who builds a shop doesn’t take net jobs from the Brits. Who will staff the shop? And let’s say it’s a good shop so who is going to work in it? I hate this drivel. How the fuck do we call immigration a strain when lots of these folks are doctors and nurses yet people still think this is a strain on the NHS?

There are two reasons for this (neither I believe in). The first is folk who are so Tory they don’t vote Tory anymore and just hate the nig-nogs (of whatever colour). The second are arguably worse (the first are largely coffin-dodgers – so are on the delete list already) who believe in a variant of the fixed wealth fallacy. That would be the fixed jobs fallacy. “British jobs for British workers” and all that. Utter shite. What world do these idiots live in? My first port of call for computer stuff is Aria Tech in South Manchester. I almost got a job there. I don’t want to say how much I have spent there over the years. It was set-up by an Iranian immigrant. Most of the employees are British. As are most of the customers and I have dropped over a grand there on occasions (don’t tell the missus). All good kit.

We get wealthier with more people. This is true for the UK and true for the Planet. It is simples as the meerkat said. There is no fixed wealth. There just ain’t. I like people. I am a horrible person for this. Obviously.

Written whilst listening to Bon Jovi. God, I miss the ’80s which was (as I recall) a time of things getting better.

PS. Can we stop pissing around with HS2 already and fund Skylon and build a fucking Space El! For the bastarding cunting sake of fuck! We could do both for less than the cost of a a Stephenson Gauge railway from London to Brum. HS2 is a railway. It is also a profound lack of the imag. We could have had Skylon in service 10 years ago from Bristol International Spaceport. How Thunderbirds is that? Just look at it. “If it looks right it will fly right” – Kelly Johnson. His boss said of him, “That damned Swede can actually see air.” We need folks like that and not the mere twats we put-up with.

Quote of the Day

Margaret Hodge* is the secular equivalent of one of those American evangelical preachers who turns out to be living in sin with a 16-year-old stripper.

Toby Young

* – Member of Parliament for Barking and Chairman of the UK Parliaments Public Accounts Committee, who regularly accuses those who reduce their tax bills through perfectly legal means and has been allegedly caught out benefiting from tax evasion by use of HMRC’s Lichtenstein Disclosure Facility.

Quelle Surprise – Warble Gloaming data exaggerated

Global Warming is Anthropogenic

Last month, we are told, the world enjoyed “its hottest March since records began in 1880”. This year, according to “US government scientists”, already bids to outrank 2014 as “the hottest ever”.

Careful analysts have come up with hundreds of examples of how the original data recorded by 3,000-odd weather stations has been “adjusted”, to exaggerate the degree to which the Earth has actually been warming. Figures from earlier decades have repeatedly been adjusted downwards and more recent data adjusted upwards, to show the Earth having warmed much more dramatically than the original data justified.

So strong is the evidence that all this calls for proper investigation that my articles have now brought a heavyweight response. The Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF) has enlisted an international team of five distinguished scientists to carry out a full inquiry into just how far these manipulations of the data may have distorted our picture of what is really happening to global temperatures.

Top scientists start to examine fiddled global warming figures

Did 2014 feel like the warmest year ever to you? No me neither and if the accusations against the latest set of climate figures is true then I would colour myself unsurprised. Warble Gloaming has had so many nails in its coffin that by now the coffin must be nothing but nails.

The approach taken by GWPF seems legitimate and apolitical, which is pretty much the stance that should have been taken when Warble Gloaming raised its ugly head 25 years ago, but then again the Warble Gloaming agenda was political from the outset.

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