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The Vulture Award

The VA (aka Vacuous Arsehole) is a new award given to politicians, or just about anyone in public office, for making mortuary mileage out of a tragic demise.

The first winner of this prestigious medal is Maria Eagle, Labour MP for Garston and Halewood, for attempting to link yeserday’s appalling attack on, and subsequent death of, Labour MP Jo Cox,  a supporter of Remain, to the Brexit campaign.  Eagle is also awarded the DSB (Distinguished Steward’s Bar) for being lower than a worm’s anus; a stone hearted bitch who puts politics before whatever shred of humanity she might possess.

Someone should take Eagle aside and explain that you never go full retard, especially before the facts are known.  Contemptible actions by individuals like Eagle, to name but one of many, are the reason the public despises and distrusts so many politicians.

Feel free to make your own nominations for the award.  The field is target rich after all.


I probably don’t need to say it but I’m going to anyway.  Our thoughts are with Jo’s family and friends.  The senseless violence that took her from this world and her loved ones cannot go unpunished.  The person responsible should be locked up for the rest of his life and the key thrown away.  No one deserves to die the way Jo Cox did.  All she was trying to do was help.  RIP Jo Cox.


The Daily Mail has photographic evidence. That wouldn’t fool Sir Arthur Conan-Doyle.

I know more important things have happened but the news about Jo Cox is still a bit vague.

But fairies – I couldn’t resist. Is there a word beyond risible?

It makes ya proud to be a Geordie…

A mother in Newcastle has had 17 children taken into care over a twenty-year period, which is thought to be the highest in the country.

The mother is believed to have been pregnant most of her adult life since the mid-80s, but was not allowed to keep any of her children, who are likely to have been taken from her hours after birth.

This follows research at the University of Lancaster into the feckless ways of Our Friends in The North. Gateshead (my old neck of the woods) came second (think about it) with a mere ten from one woman whereas Cumbria, Sunderland and Durham only got to only a measly nine tops each! For shame!

She must have some mental issues and a pelvis that could pass a bowling ball without discomfort.

I am proud to have been born in Newcastle and brought-up well in Gateshead. I grew-up with heroes like George and Robert Stephenson, Parsons (inventor of the steam turbine), Lord Armstrong (industrialist), Darling (heroine) and Swan (co-inventor of the lightbulb). Not the culture of Geordie Shore.

We are rich in culture. The RSC has a permanent season at the Theatre Royal on Grey Street (named for the Prime Minister)

Charles Grey, 2nd Earl Grey, KG, PC (13 March 1764 – 17 July 1845), known as Viscount Howick between 1806 and 1807, was Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland from 22 November 1830 to 16 July 1834. A member of the Whig Party, he backed significant reform of the British government and was among the primary architects of the Reform Act 1832. His government also saw the abolition of slavery in the British Empire. In addition to his political achievements, he has come to be associated with Earl Grey tea.

He has an enormous monument in the centre of the city though the scum that make-up “Geordie Shore”… Well, I will bet you none of them don’t have the slightest idea who he was. They just see Grey Street as a gateway to the Quayside bars where they can buy three shots for a fiver. Or whatever.

Or they could but I would lay my life they never darkened the towels there there is the Lit and Phil which boasts amongst other things the largest private library in this country outside of London.

But a private libray is Elitist Nick? Au contraire!. Look at those annual membership costs. That is less than the fucking TV license (and if you are a kid or student it is a snippance). Nothing is elitist if you can get it for GBP120 pa. Access to a very nice building and borrowing rights to up to twelve books at a time with a very fluid returns policy. Sounds OK to me.

Having 17 kids you cannot provide for you are are nothing but elitist because if that isn’t a sense of entitlement I dunno what is.

Politician announces censorship rules

Bye Bye


Supported by the usual intolerant judgemental puritan suspects.

The Calibre of The Mail Commentariat.

This was on a thread about the Orlando shooting

TommyUK69, Birmingham, United Kingdom.
Jesus was Gay you idiot. Never see Jesus with women. always got men around him.

Jesus might have been gay. I doubt it but Tommy me old China you are in no position to opine on the subject. What a ludicrous thing to say as an absolute fact! Clearly Tommy not only ever met Christ but has never read a Bible.


I am horrified but not exactly shocked. This is the Leitmotif of our lives. It is the continuous grinding pressure that makes our lives a slow misery. And all because of the deranged rantings of a goat-botherer nigh on a Millenium and a half ago.

Our culture has put Neil and Buzz on the moon. Our culture has created computers, our culture has made it affordable for me, as a student, to see the Applachians. Our culture enables boys to wear skirts to school. I am 42 and the largest social change I have seen in my time is the increasing acceptance of homosexuality. I’m straight but I’ll happily have a pint on Canal Street* in Manchester so this could of been me. It quite possibly could have been you.

I have a short message to jihadis. If you want to live in the Dark Ages many countries are available. We have gay marriage (a boon to florists – especially if Sir Elton John is involved). Shoddy Absurdia executes people for “crimes” such as “sorcery”. That is the difference.

You pay your moneys, you takes your choice.

If you want to live in a modern industrial democracy then fine. But if you do then I is sorry but you have to play the rules. Our rules. If they want to play by their rules then they can fuck off. I want nothing to do with people like that.

If they want an all straight caliphate with sexuality subjected to strict law then that is their choice. Just don’t do it in Europe or America. We are better than you. We have to remember that.

So was this homophobic? Or Islamic terrorism? Or both? I dunno. I do know it was appalling.

And my wishes are to the friends and family of the dead and wounded.

With one exception.

*Guess how that sign is routinely defaced?

One born every minute.

AGAs were first imported into the UK in 1929 and are now solely manufactured by Aga-Rayburn in England. All the principal casting for AGA Cookers are made at the historic Coalbrookdale Foundry in Shropshire, where in 1709, Abraham Darby became the first person to smelt iron using coke instead of charcoal.

From Google, emphasis mine.

Someone, called Toby, of the Tribe known as the Bellendis Maximii. It would appear Tobe bought a pig in a poke. And got an extended warranty. Fools and their money rarely stay together.

The AGA allegedly cost GBP10,000 which bends spacetime. I recently bought a washing machine and it cost 274 notes (the old one – and it was old and was leaking like it had a prostate problems and behaving like a Dalek with the Dance of St Vitus. My new washer cost that inc. delivery, fitting, testing and ensuring I never saw the old Hotpoint again.

Anyone who spends 10 grand on a cooker is a mentalist. Have a look at this. That would do me. OK, the fitting and the rest is gonna what? Take it up to 300 notes tops. That is 3% of the AGA which doesn’t fucking work.

I mean really. What sort of twat buys an appliance for the cost of a fairly cheap car (The Dacia Duster SUV starts at 11 grand)? I could build a super-computer for ten grand. It’s the sort of thing I might do if I had the cash to flash. What I wouldn’t do is spend it on a cooker that looks like it was designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel.

He only has himself to blame. You can’t even turn the fucking things on and off again without getting George Stephonson and last I heard he wasn’t on call. Even for the 150 quid AGA charges for a call-out. That is not including parts. The way I see that the only way to afford an AGA is to work for AGA. And to be fair even if I did I’d want like a Samsung. I want something a bit C21st and not Ivor the fucking Engine turning my kitchen into a scene from Mount Doom.


A people need to know when they are conquered…

Scotland, the land of ginger fright wigs and men in skirts was taken by England many, many years ago. Get over it! Otherwise you’d still be back-combing your mullets with that Aussie nucking futter.

I saw the Euro ’96 mob in Trafalgar Square and they were crunching on their own tinnies (and wearing skirts. They also had a gigantic banner proclaiming that Jimmy Hill spilt his seed.

The Cathedral (the most northerly in England) in Newcastle is that of St Nicholas. It has a unique lantern tower. During the Civil War Melanie Gibson’s mob (they may tek our lives but they’ll nivver tek us seriously) had a cunning plan. The Geordies though were even more cunning…

It is believed that during the siege of Newcastle in 1644, when the Scottish army threatened to blow up the Church using a canon, the mayor Sir John Marley put his Scottish prisoners in the lantern tower, saving it from destruction.

From here.

And that Cathedral has remained to this day despite the destruction wrought by T Dan Smith and Poulson (who ought to be in a Hell of molten sulphur enemas). They did more damage to the City of my birth than the Irn Bru fuelled White Walkers from North of the Wall (or The Luftwaffe) ever did.

There is a reason the Romans built a wall and it wasn’t just so 2000 years later kids would do pointless field trips.

And does anyone actually like Shortbread? I mean really?

8th June, 1946

Although the war had ended the previous year, official victory celebrations took place across the British Empire seventy years ago today. Along with schoolchildren across, as far as I’m aware, the rest of the Empire*, my father (who was 13 at the time) received the following message from the King:

There’s not much to add, except that it’s quietly moving, in a very British sort of a way.

*Although theirs would have been subtly different. Notice the Scottish version of the Royal Arms. Fifty years later, my family was honoured with an invitation to the Royal garden party at Holyroodhouse. My dad – just like him – noticed that the English banner was flying above the palace. He mentioned this to some friends he’d met. One replied, “Oh, I’m sure the Household knows which flag to fly,” but another piped up, “I know. The Lord Lyon has been writing to the Palace for years about that”. I understand it’s been sorted out now.

The Killing of Mummy Cat.

This story sickened me. Utterly.

There are two reasons. I shall start with the minor. There seems to be an undertone of “gun-control” here. That is not the issue. Such utter slime would have been just as happy to kick the poor moggie to death or to shiv her with a screwdriver.

Two quotes come to mind here. One is from an NRA bumper sticker I saw in Atlanta, GA in 1996, “When guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns.”

The second is from Martin Luther King Jr, “We have guided missiles and misguided men.”

From those the major point segues in. And it is this. Evil exists irrespective of technology. The Rwandan genocide killed more than Little Boy and Fat Man put together in a very short space of weeks and the Rwandans were armed only with machetes and matches. The point is intent. I look around my kitchen and see many things I could kill with – or make gazpacho with – guess what I tend to do?

The doors to Heaven and Hell are adjacent and identical and it is down to us to make that decision. That is what makes us human.

I suspect the cat-killers shall be caught. I can’t imagine though a suitably heavy sentence being served upon them. I would want to impose… Well, we’ll not go there shall we? Of course killing a cat is not as important as killing a human? Maybe not. But why not consider punishing cause and not effect?

To me that cat-killing is more evil than some bloke coming home from the golf course early and finding his wife in bed with his boss and taking a five iron to the pair in a fit of rage. That I can understand (not the same as condone) but nobody on that jury wouldn’t think, “There but for the Grace…”. The killing of a friendly old moggie for the sheer Hell of it… That is just evil. Perhaps we ought to punish more on that basis?

Punish on the basis of evil of intent and not consequences. I’m OK with that.

I have a cat and if anyone wants to get jiggy with him then it will be duct-tape and my well-furnished tool-box (up to and including the soldering iron up the urethra and indeed elsewise) and it will not be over quickly and they shall not enjoy it. I have a wood-chipper.

Evil exists and for my buck it is the evil who deserve to be be thrown through the Doors of Night. Cast unto the utter void until the final judgement.

And if you think it naive or foolish of me to take my morality from Tolkien then ask me who else?

“All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.” – Gandalf, Fellowship of The Ring.

I recently had a bonfire (went up like a hecatomb – I was a combustion theorist* and as a kid I could set fire to water and get cashback for the ensuing drizzle). I rescued a snail before the conflagration. I didn’t need to but…

I am moral (usually) and that matters.

For that reason I want the killers of that poor cat to get it hard and slow.

*Specifically Type Ia supernovae.

Wolford, we have a problem…

I once heard it opined (forget where) that the Apollo Program cost over it’s lifetime pretty much the same as US Citizens spent over the same time period on lipstick and potato crisps put together.

An odd statistic from the House of Odd Statistics.

So, just to odd it up a bit more where do bras come into this?

Quote of the Day, June 6, 2016

All of my life I have heard the left suggest that conservatives want to control what goes on in my bedroom. Meanwhile the left has infiltrated every room of my house as well as my garage.

–Commenter “czechlist,” at WUWT

Daily Fail (Again).

* WWI icon Field Marshall Horatio Herbert Kitchener died on June 5 1916
* On mission to Russia his ship the HMS Hampshire exploded off Scotland
* HMS Hampshire sunk in Scapa Flow, the scene of recent Battle of Jutland
* Lord Kitchener widely known for being face of WWI recruitment posters

Emphasis mine. From here.

I dispare. That is like saying the Somme occurred in the Yorkshire Dales.

I can take any quantity of editorial bias but when it comes to simple, checkable facts about a battle that has been heavily in the news recently due to the centenary.


But wait there is more! The farticle also gives the oxygen of publicity to the idea that Kitchener made it to Russia and… became… Joseph Stalin.

More fun with white goods…

A woman who bought a second-hand freezer from her neighbour for just £20 ($30) got an added extra she hadn’t quite bargained for.

For the ice chest was already full – with what is believed to be the body of the seller’s mother. [Read the whole thing here].

The unnamed buyer called the police after the gruesome discovery in Goldsboro, North Carolina last week.

How times change. It would have been the fruit cellar in the past…

Yeah, Trump may not be the optimum choice, but…

Look, I’ve said it before, this election is not between good and bad, it is between appalling and vile.

Rail against Trump all you wish, but if you are going to constantly whine about him, and him alone, please list all all those issues wherein Hillary, the malicious and feloniously corrupt evil bitch queen from hell, has a position preferable to that of the ignorant and capricious court jester.

How many times have Trump supporters staged riots in attempt to close down either Hillary or Bernie?

Give me a break willya.

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